Track of the Week for 4/20/09

The Dismemberment Plan

The Dismemberment Plan – Crush

I am excited about this week’s Track of the Week because The Dismemberment Plan is one of my favorite bands ever. Following in the tracks of last week (pun fully intended) this is another cover, and again of a pop song. This one has had so much radio play I doubt anyone has not heard it. If you do take a listen to the original you may not even listen to the lyrics but may be shaking your behind to the beat. Upon listening to The Plan’s cover you uncover a deeper meaning to the lyrics with their slowed down tempo, minimalist backing, and often creepy vibe. The track is off a joint album between The Dismemberment Plan and Juno aptly named The Dismemberment Plan/Juno. It’s a pretty awesome and very curt album coming in at only 4 tracks. There is an awesome cover of High Noon by DJ Shadow done with real instruments. Pretty cool indeed. As always, download is on the right sidebar.

Track of the Week for 4/13/09

Ted Leo

I decided to accompany the track of the week (which by this time should be called the Tack of the whenever I get around to it) with a little bit about the song chosen. This weeks track is a cover by the talented Mr. Ted Leo. It’s actually a cover of a Kelly Clarkson song which was pretty popular when it was released, and I am sure you have all heard it. He does such a fantastic job with the song. He managed to incorporate Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Maps into it at the end, and the transition is fairly seamless. This track surfaced somewhere around my junior or senior year of high school and I remember humming the tune around the hallways and being asked, “Are you humming Kelly Clarkson?” To which instead of going through my long spiel on how it was covered and all, I simply bowed my head and said, “Yes.” Anyway, great tack, download!

Track o’ the Week

I finally got that damn logo in place! My current host gives me about a million more bandwidth that I need for a blog, so to help justify my monthly fee I decided to upload a track of the week chosen by yours truly. I will upload it every Sunday night and it will be available until the next week. I might write a little something about, I might now. I hope you like it. The track can be found under the “Track of the Week” section in the sidebar. Just right-click and save as to download it. Let me know what you think about the track, too. Just comment about it on any of the entries.

This weeks selection is by a band called Vampire Weekend. I just found out about them actually and I can’t stop listening to their self-titled album. All their beats and grooves sounds relatively simple, but they are very catchy. Take a listen.