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I finally got that damn logo in place! My current host gives me about a million more bandwidth that I need for a blog, so to help justify my monthly fee I decided to upload a track of the week chosen by yours truly. I will upload it every Sunday night and it will be available until the next week. I might write a little something about, I might now. I hope you like it. The track can be found under the “Track of the Week” section in the sidebar. Just right-click and save as to download it. Let me know what you think about the track, too. Just comment about it on any of the entries.

This weeks selection is by a band called Vampire Weekend. I just found out about them actually and I can’t stop listening to their self-titled album. All their beats and grooves sounds relatively simple, but they are very catchy. Take a listen.

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so i finally got the track of the week to work and im enjoying it a lot. i also tried to im my sister and accidentally im’d u instead. so disregard the random message ha.
have a good week.

dude Vampire Weekend is incredible… go check out Bon Iver or The Whitsundays you will like them if you don’t already have some

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