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Virtual Boy Power Mod

This is one that has been in the hopper for QUITE a while. I am so glad to have it done now. The Virtual Boy is long considered to be Nintendo’s big flop. I don’t know why I love it so much. The games aren’t great (save Wario land), it is only displays red, even playing it is pretty¬†uncomfortable. Despite all it’s flaws I love the li’l guy. Here is where my project comes in. The virtual boy is powered by 6 AAs out-of-the-box. There is an AC adpater you can buy, but it’s rare-ish and expensive. I decided, hey I am a dude who knows things, I’ll just add my own AC adapter. That is what I did.

I found that it needed to give it 9V DC. I went to my local Radio Shack to purchase the jack and plug and got a universal AC adapter that could output 9V.

Inside the Controller

Where I need to solder to. VCC (+) and GND (-)

The jack

Soldered up and testing

It works!

Not a lot of room, but trying to fit it into place

Cutting away some plastic for the jack

All sealed up and looking good

The finished product, Virtual Boy looking proud

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That’s Awesome! My favorite game is Red Alert – I don’t mind playing the virtual boy, but if I play too long I’ll start to see flashes for a while. (LOL)

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