Blog Day 2011 Part 2

Topic 24: Time Travel


“I Wish Someone Had Told Me…”

  • How to build a time machine.
  • How cool it is in the future!
  • How come that guy hit me.
  • How long I would stay in Jail for fighting back.
  • How much money it would cost to get me a good lawyer.
  • That the girl I hit on was related to me!
  • How much I would miss my friends.
  • How cool the past is!
  • That I would be considered the smartest guy in this whole village.
  • That I would be offered maidens and wenches just to hear me speak.
  • That not all the maidens and wenches were single.
  • That some of these past men can hit HARD.
  • That I would meet the love of my life in 1902.
  • That her name was Lucy.
  • That she smells like roses all the time.
  • That we have the same things in common.
  • That we can talk for hours.
  • That I would ask her to marry me on our third meeting.
  • That she was to have an arranged marriage.
  • That she can’t break out of it.
  • That it would hurt this much.
  • That I wish I would have never met her.
  • That I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about her.
  • That the future would lose it luster this quickly.
  • That this many bottles wouldn’t make it feel better.
  • That this much jumping would start causing rifts.
  • How to solve a time paradox.
  • That I want to go back home.
  • That this time machine is no fun.
  • That the ability to go to any when would cause this much hurt, pain, and problems.
  • That I wouldn’t be able to handle this.
  • That even though I messed up so royally I would be given another chance.
  • That I am so happy to not have to deal with that mess any more.
  • That tomorrow starts the rest of my linear life.
  • That I could recover from such heartbreak.
  • That I would meet someone else.
  • That she would be my type.
  • That she would be my time.
  • That she would be my wife.
  • That she would be my life.

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