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The new fall school session is here and in full swing. There seems to be more people on campus than I remember from previous semesters, but admittedly it’s probably because I am riding a bike as apposed to walking. I am super excited for this semester because I am taking classes that really pertain to my major. It only took 3 years for it to happen… Anyway the classes for the Purdue Fall ’08 semester include:

  • ECE 201: Linear Circuit Analysis
  • ECE 364: Software Engineering Tools
  • MA 266: Ordinary Differential Equations
  • ECE 270: Introduction to Digital Design
  • JPNS 301: Japanese Level V

I am definitely excited for Digital Design, it’s learning the stuff I got into the major for, computer hardware design. My hardest class this semester is probably going to be Japanese, surprisingly. Five classes. Three of them engineering, one math, and one a foreign language and the foreign language is going to be the difficult one. Oh well, at least all the people who only took Japanese because they had to take a foreign language are gone and the people who actually want to learn it remain. I have had a resurgence to try to learn Japanese. I will admit that towards the end of 202 I was getting really burnt out. I just didn’t have the passion I once did. Luckily that was very temporary because I am actually probably more into it than when I started 201. Hooray!

Well that was kind of just a life update, but the real intention of this blog remains to be seen. I have been compiling a list not only for myself, but to share with others. Everyone knows the cliche stereotype that college students are super poor and basically subsist on ramen noodles and keystone light. Well, I think that goes a little over the deep end, but money is definitely tight in college (at least for me). Anyway, the following is a list to help not just college students, but everyone squeeze every single penny out of your dollar and maybe even be a little more eco friendly doing it too.

Finance Management

This is probably the biggest frivolous money loss out of the whole list. People tend to (myself included) know how much money they have around pay days, but fail to remember how much of that they use between the paychecks or deposits. This leads to one of baking’s biggest annoyances which is overages. This can cost you lots of cash and it can happen quick. IF you happen to overdraft the bank usually ends up charging you between $20-$30 in addition to the money you spent that you didn’t have. If it happens because of a check then you have to pay the people you gave a bum check to another $20-$30. The worst is when it happens because of a late charge such as getting a cup of coffee. You better enjoy it because that was just a $33 dollar cup of coffee. The best advice I can give is know how much you have at all times, write it down, balance it out as you spend. If you have a smartphone like me, make a spreadsheet and just have it subtract from you total every time you enter an amount. If you have an auto-pay bill system, make sure you know when these charges will come through. Also, an excellent way to check your balance at any given time is to sign up for text banking. I know it’s not offered everywhere, but Chase offers it and it is a good reference when you are wondering if you can really afford that Star Wars figurine of Lando Calrissian.

Make a budget! If you can stay within a budget you are never in the dark about what you can and can’t afford and how much you spend on certain items. A great tool for this is Mint. It is a free online service that can tap into your bank accounts and monitor your spending habits. It can alert you by email or text if you exceed your budget. Go a month and average out what you spend on food, coffee, movies, etc. Even just looking at what you spend on certain things can sometimes curtail the habit.

How to Dine Out on a Dime

People like to eat out, I know I do. The problem with that is that it often times replaces cooking at home all together. I am not trying to make a case for cooking at home save the expense. It is an amazingly large amount cheaper to eat at home than go out and grab a bite. I feel that actually going out and eating with friends is never really about the eats as much as it is the socializing. This is a pretty easy thing to do, but if you know a bunch of friends are going out to eat, just eat about 20 minutes before you leave. You will not be hungry or tempted by the menu or your fellow guests’ meals. Just order a coke or better yet a glass of water. Depending on the setting you can save $8-$15 and you still get to hang out and joke around. Depending on the frequency of your dining excursions this number can be quite a bit of money saved.


The second most expensive upfront cost for college students is textbooks. They can range anywhere from $30-$200+ Chances are you have probably hit the higher number at least once. Sure you can buy used books but those only tend to be $20 dollars cheaper which is a total racquet if you ask me, but that is for another day. You have probably heard about that buying your textbooks online is much cheaper, but have you actually taken the time to do it? It really can save you hundreds of dollars. An example is this semester I have a book that new is $130 and used is $110. I purchased it for $60 online, that is $40! The best thing is just to go to the book store and check your classes. Write down the author, edition, and ISBN. As long as all those things match even if the cover art varies, it’s the same book.

Here is a list of some of the best cheap book sites:


Technology is an integral part of the modern college students day and having everything in working order can really be a plus. The problem is that sometimes getting that to happen may mean some serious $$ for you, unless you follow my tips.

Most college students enter college with a new or fairly new laptop or desktop, and they are usually pretty happy with it, with time the feel fades. You see others new and shiny toys and suddenly yours is pretty clunky and unable to perform how you want it to. All your applications take longer than they used to and even sometimes you may get the dreaded Blue Screen of Death providing of course you are on Windows. A new computer is not the answer though. This is the biggest misnomer I know of. You can definitely spruce up that old computer with out spending hundreds to thousands on a new one. Upgrading your ram is probably the easiest way to get a speed boost. It is very easy to install even for the non tech savvy and it usually costs much MUCH cheaper than shelling out 1000 clams. A good site to find out which ram is good for you is Crucial. Another way to speed things up is to format and reinstall the Operating System. Granted this is sometimes quite involves so maybe have a knowledgeable friend do it, but you will notice a speed increase almost immediately. If you are really feeling adventurous try you hand at a low resource operating system like Xubuntu. That leads into my next topic.


Software is why we use our computers right? Sometimes this can be very pricey and may be overkill for our tasks. My answers to this are in two forms. First, most universities offer discount software and substantial price cuts so I would first check with what your’s has to offer. The second is something I have been preaching to people for a long time, open source. But Matt, what does open source mean? It is basically software that has all the code that has been written freely available for people to use and change, what this means to you is absolutely free software. These are usually a giant community effort so they products are of very professional quality. Some notable replacements are:

Open Office – Microsoft Office

Gimp – Adobe Photoshop

Ubuntu Linux – Microsoft Windows

Thunderbird w/ Lightning Extension – Microsoft Outlook

MySql – Oracle

Inkscape -Adobe Illustrator

Octave – MATLAB

These can save hundreds to thousands of dollars based on which software you are replacing.

If I may go back to the hardware aspect. You don’t always need the newest things out there. How many versions of iPod are out there now? 6? You know there are people who upgrade every generation. Don’t be that person. If your device still works as intended, keep using it. I remember when I upgraded my old iPod for a video iPod. Yeah you know how convenient it is to watch video on a 2″ screen, it isn’t. Don’t get sucked in by gimmicks. Evaluate it’s uses and then decide if you need it.


Most people are going to pay for internet. Almost everyone unless you are leaching off a neighbor, but in addition to this most people pay for some kind of cable channel package. Save some dough per year by picking up a slingbox. This is only beneficial if you know someone with a high-speed connection and cable tv, parents or relatives mostly. Anyway this device when implemented will let you stream cable through the internet and on your computer. This way you are paying for internet alone and letting someone else take the TV bill hit. Not only does this let you get “free” cable, but it is accessible anywhere in the world there is an internet connection.


I can’t speak highly enough about this wondrous piece of software. It is truly a giant money saver. This is especially useful if you are studying abroad. It is basically like an internet telephone. If you pay a monthly or yearly fee you can even call regular phones. It is great for long distance calls. If you want to use it free just have whoever you want to talk to download and configure it.

Shopping That is Easy on the Bank Account

You need to buy something, but it is kinda obscure or pricey in stores. The best place to get anything practically is eBay. I don’t feel I have to link eBay. If you are unaware of eBay please stop living under a rock. It is the most frequented online auction site, but it’s not all auctions. It has a Buy It Now option which is basically just you paying a predetermined price. You can find loads and loads of things and very reasonable prices on it. If you are afraid of getting ripped off, eBay and PayPal have a very good policy for reimbursement if it actually does take place. Don’t be afraid.

Craigslist is like an informal eBay. This guy is the one who shows up to a wedding with a tuxedo shirt on. It is a very basic site where people post things they are selling. Like an online classifieds. This works with people in your general area and it’s for meet and pick up. There are no protection policies for craigslist so don’t give out credit cards or anything, pay with cash or check and meet up with them. Very good site though.

Health and Fitness

Bike! Pick up a bike and start riding. It is definitely faster than walking and uses no gas. This is very eco friendly and money conscious. It also is quite healthy for you as well. That is three reasons, how come you are not biking yet? The biggest thing this does is motivate you not to start up the car. Never use a car to go short distances when walking or a bike will suffice. This may seem like little things that don’t matter, but it adds up. Not only are you wasting gas, but you are telling to world. I can’t walk two feet to the coffee shop on campus because I am just the lazy. Have fun with your deteriorating health!

Start exercising, and eating healthy. This may not seem immediate financial savings, but the benefits do come through. Every time you miss a doctor’s visit because you avoided sickness while all your lazy bones co-workers or classmates are sick because their body isn’t up to par that is tons of cash right there. No only will this increase longevity, but it will increase energy and if you live longer and can get more done, you are definitely going to be able to enjoy all that money you made and saved.


Showering may not seem like a big money waster, but water and heating that water does cost money. Try the Navy Shower. I am currently in the process of doing this. Just wet yourself down, turn off the water, clean and scrubs, then rinse yourself off. Not only does this drastically cut down on water, but it probably will get you out of the shower sooner and save you time.

Heating a house or an apartment over the winter can cost lots of dough as much as $100 spike just for keeping yourself warm. The thing is that sometimes you don’t need all that heat you are putting out. Try to keep the heat to a minimum. If you get cold just throw on a sweater and some slippers. I am proud to say that I never turned on my heat once all last winter and it definitely did keep the cost down.

I hope some of these helo you guys out, if I think of anymore I will be sure to post them. Also, any comments with either sucess or failure, or even added money saving idea’s would be awesome. Thanks for reading!

Nonsense Video Games

Amalgamate of Doom

I guess this will be my first official update on the blog since I moved it. This is going to be a bunch of tiny articles because I have had a ton of stuff I wanted to post, but I never got around to it. This will also be by far my most picture intensive blog thus far; which is pretty cool. I think the pictures add more to the blog than just text.

Gas Guzzlin’

I was on my way to pick up my new bike in Illinois (it’s so awesome) and I ran into this fantastic sight. I can only hope that somewhere on the back of one of those vehicles there is a save the rain forest bumper sticker.

Oh that’s right, a giant RV pulling a Hummer. God Bless America.


Yesterday I spent the entire day watching a series I really should have watched prior to now. If the title didn’t tip you off it’s Firefly. It really got shafted by FOX, which if you think back only a little they have done to quite a few other shows. I am still bitter about Andy Richter Controls the Universe. The show had some really good writing and a very compelling story. The problem was if you didn’t have the back story it was hard to follow. I couldn’t see jumping into it in the middle and thinking it was any good at all. The basic premise of Firefly is a space western. I know that sounds quite weird, but it works. It doesn’t have any aliens, it’s just humans at the far reaches of space. You follow a crew of misfits all who have their own pasts. The captain, Mal, and his first mate, Zoe, are ex-army buddies who fought on the loosing side of a civil war. Basically the universe is controlled by two combined superpowers, The United States and China, called the Alliance. The cool part about that is everyone speaks English and Cantonese. All the swearing is done is Chinese which is a neat idea to me. The show is also littered with Kanji which me, being a student of Japanese, is quite entertaining to me. Each episode pretty much has a standard formula; small into, plant to thieve and/or sell thieved goods, things go ary, get caught, bust out. As predictable as it is, the cool part to me is how they go about getting unstuck from the sticky situations. If you like sci-fi at all I would have to recommend this series, because even thought it is only 14 episodes long, it is well worth it. FOX made a big mistake letting this one go.

This caught my eye when I was watching an Episode of Firefly.

I guess in the Future people are still using Windows XP.

God’s OS

This picture I stole off Digg. I found it quite humorous. It was taken in the Vatican. I guess the Catholics have their IT department together.

I guess God just prefers open source.

Oh, Those Koreans or My Ignorance

Aaron and I went over to Gaza last night for some delicious Korean food. We get our menus and whilst I was looking through to see what I was going to partake of this evening I came across their “Hot Pots.” I noticed that each entree came in “flagrant broth.” Maybe that is correct and I am naive, but I couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight of it. Actually, while I am writing this I went over to Webster to check the definition to Ctrl+C it over here and I guess the Archaic definition of flagrant is fiery hot. I guess that makes me the butt of this joke. Anyways, it is still funny to read it with the common definition of the word; so obviously inconsistent with what is right or proper as to appear to be a flouting of law or morality. Hehe.

Gears of Blood

I know this makes me kind of slow on the scene for this, but I just got Gears of War for Xbox 360. If there was ever a game to put hair on your chest it would definitely be this one. It is so testosterone filled sometimes it to the point of ridiculous. You play the role of Marcus Fenix who was imprisoned for some reason and then released to help fight a war against a horde of nasty bug things called the Locust. Every character looks like he has been on steroid therapy for the past year and a half in addition to the giant guns they tote. The standard issue rifle you are issued has a pretty distinctive feature on the end, a chainsaw bayonet. Let me repeat A. Chainsaw. Bayonet. That is just plain awesome. You can perform “executions” when you get close to enemies with the chain saw and you cut through them like a hot knife through warm butter all while blood is splashed across the screen. It may seem like a little much, but it is quite satisfying to saw enemies in half. When you knock down an enemy and they are not dead, but can’t move you can actually curb stomp them. Again quite satisfying. This is not to say I am some blood thirsty psychopath, it is just stress revealing. Also this game is TOUGH, not just your normal brand of shooter. As beefy as you are as a main character you are not immortal. You can’t just go John Rambo in there and start shooting, you have to take cover and plan everything out. It is quite frustrating because you end up playing the same damn parts over and over again. Your teammates are basically big muscle heads with targets on their foreheads. I guess they didn’t get the memo that the game is more strategy based because they just run out in front of you and get Swiss cheesed then complain that they are loosing blood and need you to resuscitate them. Overall though the game is shaping up to be really fun and also harder as time goes on.

Creative Engineering and the Nintendo Entertainment System

My roommate is really into digital audio and thus I hear quite a bit about it. He is working on a project involving the NES audio chip the 2A03. It is actually an awesome idea and I am excited to see (or hear) the final product. Through his research he discovered and thus explained to me that the Japanese version of the NES named the Famicom (short for Family Computer) has a pin that would allow game developers to add their own sound chips to games. This feature I guess was never used because when they released the NES in America the pin was not a feature. In later years developers took advantage of this and released games that would have extra sound channels and such. It made all the music sound much more robust. One example of this was the VRC6 by Konami. They only used it in a few games, but when they hit American shores they had to tone down all the music because of the lack of the ability to use extra chips. It might not seem like a big deal, but it really does hinder the tunes. Here are MP3’s of Castlevania 3, one with the VRC6 and one without. Listen for yourself.

Castlevania 3 US (without VRC6)

Castlevania 3 JPN (with VRC6)

As you can hear there is quite a difference in quality. The VRC6 game 3 extra channels to the NES (two square waves and one sawtooth wave). Near the end of development Konami created the VRC7 which was an entire FM synthesizer on a chip. The resulting sounds absolutely blew away anything on the Famicom. It rivaled the Genesis in quality. This makes sense because the Genesis used an FM synth to create it’s music. The only game to use the VRC7 was Lagrange Point. Here is a sample from it.

Lagrange Point (VRC7)

Pretty impressive if you ask me. All the Engineers back then had the limitations of hardware so it really took some creative ideas to push what they did out of the NES. Mapper chips and the like. I really would like to give hats off to the coders and engineers from then because they really did an amazing job with the system.


About 2 weeks ago I saw a trailer for Hellboy II: The Golden Army. It looks pretty good, but I had not seen the first one. I asked around to see if any of my friends have seen it. From the reactions I got it was supposed to be pretty good. I acquired a copy of it and decided to give it a shot. I was a fan of Del Toro from his film Pan’s Labyrinth and he directed Hellboy and Hellboy 2 so I already had some faith in the movie. I was pretty happy with the first one. It was action packed and had a hint of Religion to it. The costumes Del Toro uses are absolutely stunning, quite impressive. The movie didn’t knock my socks off , but was above average in terms of films so I was ready to see Hellboy 2.

Hellboy 2 I was actually very impressed with. It was much more cohesive than the first one which didn’t even seem to have a plot besides follow Hellboy. The story gave the characters more depth as Hellboy struggles with his identity as the son of Satan. The costumes were more plentiful and again insanely detailed and imaginative. The movie seemed like it used less CG than the first one or maybe it was just more improved. Either way it wasn’t as apparent. I also loved the mix of fantasy and religion. It is almost unheard of to mix those two worlds even though to me they are pretty much the same thing. It was a breath of fresh air. They might not be the best of the best when it comes to comic to movie adaptation. I never read the Hellboy comics, but it was a pretty solid flick. Check them out, even if it’s not your cup of tea it won’t be a waste of time.

Mega Man 9

It was announced a few weeks back that the rumors were true and that Capcom was indeed making a Mega Man 9. I am just about the biggest Mega Man fan you will ever meet and so this had me pretty excited already. There was speculation that Capcom might make a 16-bit or 8-bit revival of the series, but it was all speculation. Then they released this trailer. 8-BIT MEGA MAN IS BACK! That trailer is basically porn to me. 8-bit Mega Man was a large part of my childhood, definitely my favorite games as a kid. This will complete the Mega Man series as the X series followed that. It is being released for Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 so there is no excuse for anyone who owns a modern system not to buy this. Anyway, here is the trailer (drool).

I have probably watched this 10+ times already.

This is all I wanted to post, I think. I will try to keep my posts more frequent. I enjoy comments so please post them. Tell me your thoughts on any of these topics. I am hoping for the best from Serenity, the Firefly movie, I will be watching it tonight. I am also going to be posting the Track of the Week again soon, so keep an eye out.