Personal Philosophy

On Art.

This is another attempt at writing this post. It never seems to have the legs to go the distance. It’s not a matter of knowing what I want to say, it’s a matter of organizing it into a cohesive post without it going every which where. The basic premise is my definition of art.

Art is many things to many people. You could make the argument that just about anything is art, and you wouldn’t be wrong. It’s really a matter of interpretation. For me art is derived from the human experience. It’s the manifestation of placing a cage around a large, nebulous matter. Art for me needs to be the conveyance of some emotion, even if the emotion is not a deep one. That’s about as much of a dotted line I can draw around what art is. I don’t think art is confined to a specific set of items, such as paintings, poems, and sculptures. Art can find it’s way into just about anything you can think of.

That brings me to my subtopic of this, and that is the declarations that only certain things can be art. I think that’s extremely short sighted. I don’t mean to beat the video game horse to death, but this has been hotly disputed for a while now. To me I don’t see how you can’t consider (some) video games art. Just as poems, books, and paintings draw the viewer into their world and inspire thoughts, feelings, and emotions so too do video games. One doesn’t even have to look that far to find examples. Take Final Fantasy VII, you will be hard pressed to find a hardcore gamer who doesn’t have fond memories of this. When Aeris dies there is at least some part of you that is moved. Some people were affected so much that there is hacks to bring her back into the game. My point is that defining art to such a narrow view will really keep you from seeing so many beautiful things around you.

Well, that in a nutshell is my definition of art. How does yours differ? I’d love to hear what you think art is defined as. Drop me a comment below!

Personal Photography Projects

Photos Galore!

This post is filled to the metaphorical brim with photos. I want to start documenting more of my life in photos. I really enjoy taking pictures and the fact that some people might enjoy them makes the whole process that much better. Let’s get into my week in photos.

Art Projects!

I decided the space above my desk was feeling a little bare and decided to spruce it up with a little homemade art. I have always liked the look of power lines for some reason, I can’t really explain it to you. So, I found some pictures of power lines and did a little GIMP magic to them to make them more rasturbatable (that is such an imaginary word). Anyway here are some photos chronicling the event.

Laying it all out

It looks like it fits.

It seemes to be correct

The foam board makes it look so much better.

Bye bye sabers

Goodbye loyal sabers. You have served me well.

Stick 'em up

Tacky putty seemed the obvious choice.

1 up! 8 to go.

One panel up, only eight to go.

Finished Project!

All finished up! I think it turned out pretty well.

Baby’s first papaya

I was just strolling through Wal-Mart, buying up some food stuffs, when I happened upon a strange fruit. I decided to give this foreign fruit the old college try.

I had to look up how to cut a papaya...

I actually had to look up how to eat a papaya…

Hi. I'm a papaya.

There is that beautiful piece of fruit.

I thought the inside looked neat

The inside looks pretty cool.

This reminded me of a certain part of a woman's anatomy

This looks like…something…perverted ^^;

Unfortunately, I did not like the fruit. Maybe, it was because it was from Wal-Mart, but it was pretty gross. I am not going to write if off completely, but it was not good. It smelled kind of funky too…yuck.

Back into action figures

My desk was looking mighty plain, and especially in contrast to the new wall art. I decided to dress it up with some new toys! TOYS! Yeah, I am 21, but who cares? I am a dork, might as well embrace it.

New figures!

Shiny and boxed.

Master Plo is displeased

Plo Koon is the ugliest badass ever.

I'll whisper, "No."

Such a cool figurine.


The noblest of Jedi stands proud.

I have more pictures, but I will save them for another post. I hope you enjoy the more photo filled blog. Also, TRACK OF THE WEEK!

Projects Video Games

The Legend of Post-it

I decided to take some very unstable shelves in my room down today. This left a white wall just begging for some color. I always found the Post-it note blowups of 8-bit Nintendo characters kinda cool so I started to do a little math and get this thing going. It started by taking a spite and equating every pixel to a 3×3 Post-it. I then photoshopped it up and stuck a grid on it. I counted up all the colors then headed off to staples to see if I could find a close match. Luckily they make Post-its in every color known to man because yellow on yellow wouldn’t really give me the vibrancy I was going for. Below are some pics of the event.

Original Image. Hey Link!

Slap a grid on it.

So many colors @_@