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The Legend of Post-it

I decided to take some very unstable shelves in my room down today. This left a white wall just begging for some color. I always found the Post-it note blowups of 8-bit Nintendo characters kinda cool so I started to do a little math and get this thing going. It started by taking a spite and equating every pixel to a 3×3 Post-it. I then photoshopped it up and stuck a grid on it. I counted up all the colors then headed off to staples to see if I could find a close match. Luckily they make Post-its in every color known to man because yellow on yellow wouldn’t really give me the vibrancy I was going for. Below are some pics of the event.

Original Image. Hey Link!

Slap a grid on it.

So many colors @_@


Video Games

The Legend of Zelda: The Birthday Cap

Happy Birthday Zelda!

20 years from this day The Legend of Zelda premiered on the Famicom (In Japan). What a happy that was. So many fond memories. If you haven’t played this gem yet (and if you haven’t, where have you been?) I recommend go picking it up now. They have it re-released on the GBA for like $20 a definite must buy. In honor of Zelda becoming the ripe old age of 20 I hunkered down and actually went out and bought Minish Cap for GBA. I know I’m really late on this one, but better late than never. Well it’s late and I have school tomorrow. I leave you with this birthday image of link.

Happy Birthday Link!