The Check-in. April 2018.

This month has flown by. One of the busiest in recent memory.

I was out of town every weekend in April doing something. Which was fun, and exhausting. In the spirit of that this post will be short and sweet and totally miss details. Always more to do.

The business didn’t stop me from keeping on those #hashtaggoals.

Political Stuff

In terms of political stuff, I moderated my first debate/town hall/forum for two of the Democratic candidates for IN-4. It was a fun, new experience that I would not mind doing again. I’d wish I would have probed on some of the answers, but I was so focused on getting through the many questions in time for the audience questions that I got sidetracked.

Here is the video for the event!


Like all good people who are tragically online, I’ve started a podcast with my cousin, Jay Pavlina! It’s ostensibly about game development and programming, but we touch on some weird, wild stuff as well. Jay explains more here. Check out our first episode! We are recording episode two this weekend, so stay on the lookout for that.

That VG Goodness

Upgraded the setup once again to new degrees of greatness/completely unnecessariness.

Firstly, I got tired of Tim and Matt play streaming in potato quality, so I went to Purdue Surplus and grabbed the best machine they had there for $50. It needed RAM and HDD, and I had that. It proved to be a choice decision as the machine can stream and record in 1080/30 (limitation of the capture device I have) to Twitch.

Second, after trying for a while I was able to snag a gscartsw_lite, which allows me to have all my old consoles connect via RGB without having to switch. This also provides dual outputs so I can hook it up to my upscaler as well as my CRT television. In essence, I can now stream to Twitch, play on the HD TV and play on the CRT all at the same time. It’s very cool! (Like, I think it’s cool) It works, the problem is the SCART cables I bought are of surprisingly low quality and introduce an abundance of noise to the signal. I have some much better (and sadly, more expensive) SCART cables coming from the UK as we speak.


Let’s see where we are this month:
April 2018: 75.1 Miles
April 2017: 30.9 Miles
Difference: +44.2 Miles
Year difference from 2017 (as of this post): +176.7 Miles

Whew, what a month. 2018 is proving to be wild.

The Check-in. March 2018.

So, how are things going? In short, it’s slow goings. I am getting things done, but that is never as exciting as the initial push off from the blocks.

I, sadly, do have to keep this brief if I want it to go out at all.

My to-do listing and planning are still going strong, the process keeps getting more refined, and it is becoming more habit than a conscience choice to use it.

In organizational terms, OneNote is getting a serious workout, with good reason. I am loving being able to organize things better for quick reference.

In terms of reading, and absorbing information, I am making my way through my *massive* backlog in my Pocket. I am telling you all, the Pocket app’s listen feature is worth its weight in gold.

I need to devote more time to deep, focused work though. It is hard to do that these days, so I need to improve those skills.

Let’s tackle exercise.

Yoga Sundays have still been going strong. I love the extra strength they are bringing to my other workouts.

Running, my love:
February 2017: 23.0 Miles
February 2018: 58.0 Miles
Difference: +35 Miles
March 2017: 10.2 Miles
March 2018 (as of this posting): 53.3 Miles
Difference: +43.1 Miles
Total year difference (as of this posting): +112.7 Miles!

Taken after a particularly rainy run.