The Check-in. March 2018.

So, how are things going? In short, it’s slow goings. I am getting things done, but that is never as exciting as the initial push off from the blocks.

I, sadly, do have to keep this brief if I want it to go out at all.

My to-do listing and planning are still going strong, the process keeps getting more refined, and it is becoming more habit than a conscience choice to use it.

In organizational terms, OneNote is getting a serious workout, with good reason. I am loving being able to organize things better for quick reference.

In terms of reading, and absorbing information, I am making my way through my *massive* backlog in my Pocket. I am telling you all, the Pocket app’s listen feature is worth its weight in gold.

I need to devote more time to deep, focused work though. It is hard to do that these days, so I need to improve those skills.

Let’s tackle exercise.

Yoga Sundays have still been going strong. I love the extra strength they are bringing to my other workouts.

Running, my love:
February 2017: 23.0 Miles
February 2018: 58.0 Miles
Difference: +35 Miles
March 2017: 10.2 Miles
March 2018 (as of this posting): 53.3 Miles
Difference: +43.1 Miles
Total year difference (as of this posting): +112.7 Miles!

Taken after a particularly rainy run.

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