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My Dad Makes an Apperance

This entry is going to be kind of short, but it’s just an update. Yesterday, I was supposed to hang out with Angie all day, but my infuriating father said I had to go golfing which eats up four hours out of my day. 🙁 After the insanely useless and boring round of golf I actually got to hang out with Angie. It was actually very fun. We went to Smokey Bones to eat and there was this awesome waiter there named Rob which I think I have a crush on. We also went to tutor this kid named Rob. Wow, I just realized that we had a night full of Robs. Anyway, this kid got suspended from school for bringing in an air-soft gun – which probably wasn’t a smart idea. Again, anyway, this kids voice was so slurred it was ridiculous, but we did teach him some Algebra. After that we went to my house and hung out for a couple of hours. We didn’t really do a whole lot, but it was still very enjoyable. Well that is my update. I will post more soon.

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