Angie’s 17th

Today was Angie’s big one-seven, which, overall, is the nothing year. It’s so nothing that the ratings people decided to give seventeen-year-olds the privilege to see R-rated movies. Oh, and don’t forget, you can buy M-rated video games, too. Anyway, we went to Stake ‘n Shake with Beth, Grace, Zack, and Tim – the food was good. Then we headed over to Beth’s house where we kind of just hung out and watched sex scenes from this Mexican movie. I was hoping for a really awesome day for her, but overall it turned out mediocre. Hell, it was better than nothing, right? I got her a vegan hoodie she has been hurting for. I hope she enjoys it thoroughly. I went to Sam’s surprise birthday party last night and, surprisingly, he was surprised. It was pretty fun except the skeeters were out in a huge way. I got bit like a metric buttload amount of times. Also, that night, I finally got the balls to apologize to my ex-girlfriend from two years ago about the messy breakup. It seems as if we are OK now, but time will tell. This is just kind of an update. I will try to post tomorrow.

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