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Suck Day

School today was pretty awful. It was a self-pity day for me. I was depressed all day long. The last hour Econ was about the only good part of school. Baron let us retake a test with a partner and Nate and I worked together. We owned that test hard. We are a owning team. I then headed over to Kinoshita’s room for the first Japanese club officers meeting. I think it’s gonna be good this year, which is a better sign than last year or the year before. At eight, I hung out with Angie. That’s four days in a row. That cheered me up a bit. I just got finished with my English paper which is pretty long and I think it’s actually pretty good – at least the first half is. I am so burnt out from that right now. It was kind of fun though because I got to reminisce on my Japan trip which was amazing. Well I’m out for now. Post tomorrow.

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