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Very Strange, but Amazingly Cool

I just watched an anime film I have been meaning to get to for quite some time. It’s called Dead Leaves and if I had to choose two word to describe it, they would have to be pure insanity. It is the story of some very strange characters who wake up with no memory of their past, which is not very original. It’s been done to death, but the story of Dead Leaves is not where it shines (in fact if it were judged on the merit of its story alone it would be mediocre at best). The art style of the movie is just freeform chaos. It is really refreshing, but no something I could stand for more than the 42 minutes the movie ran. It’s as if the art studio took a bunch of wacked out druggy, otakus and gave them some art supplies and told them to go nuts. I would recommend the movie to anyone who is looking for something a little different who isn’t a stickler on story and is looking for some cool visuals. This is one of those movies where the stereotype of anime having a bunch of flashing colors and lights to cause seizures holds true. Really cool overall, I am not upset having watched it.

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Dead Leaves is pretty good, but it left me wanting. Like you said, the movie was long enough, but a sequel would be nice.

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