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Live in the now, man

Most things in this world irritate me, but I try to let things slide to avoid overstressing. Well this blog is about one of those times where I just can’t let it slide. Do you ever hear people saying, “Man I wish it was [future time] already so I could do [activity] and [obstacle] wouldn’t be in the way.”? If you don’t you should just open your ears. I hear it all the time from people all around me. It is really sickening to see people waste the time they have. There is no problem with looking forward to something, but when all you do is look forward and don’t actually live the present, you get caught in an perpetual loop of hoping and wishing. You are actually wasting your time. The future is for planning not for living in. The other problem that arises through all this is you build up the future event so much that it can do nothing, but fall short of your expectations. If you follow this down the line that leads to a life of less than stellar experiences you were not entirely in because you are too busy thinking of what is next to come. ENJOY LIFE! Have a solid plan and then just live in the present. The worst thing that can happen when it’s all said and done is look back with regret. If this sounds all too familiar to you, I would highly recommend giving living in the now, man.

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