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I took some pictures that I never uploaded anywhere. It is like a small window in my life. A microcosm of myself (ch’yeah right).

Photo Feb 04 8 21 47 PM

Photo Jan 21 7 12 34 PM

Games Galore! (Munchkin [which I won] and Risk 2210 A.D)

Photo Feb 04 4 36 17 PM

This season’s Pocky. SALTY! Despite how gross that sounds, it was actually pretty good. I love the salts with the sweets. Pineapple pizza, anyone?

Photo Feb 05 10 33 18 AM

I found my bike twin outside Einstein Bagels in West Lafayette. Same exact frame and drop handlebars and red wrap! We are basically best friends.

Photo Jan 28 11 39 41 PM

Boars head in Sargent Preston’s, downtown Lafayette.

Photo Feb 11 8 54 33 PM

Big ol’ Corona at Harry’s Chocolate Shop, West Lafayette. That was the start of a very interesting night.

Photo Feb 10 3 12 57 PM

Photo Feb 10 3 47 43 PM

Photo Feb 10 3 13 14 PM

Photo Feb 10 3 47 49 PM

In an effort to minimize I got rid of all my Xbox/Xbox 360 Game cases and filed the inserts and manuals into binders. So much less space. Yes, that is the same kangaroo from Pulp Fiction that Bruce Willis has his watch on.

Photo Feb 15 3 06 27 PM

Engineering is pretty great and math.

Photo Feb 16 1 04 48 AM

New desk situation! Mounted my monitor and put my laptop on a shelf. Look at all my real estate!

Photo Feb 17 7 22 33 PM

These are Mary’s Party Sox. They are sox, but used for partying.

Photo Feb 18 11 03 14 PM

Will is so rad that he drinks his yogurt from a tube.

Photo Feb 19 12 05 27 PM

Photo Feb 19 12 05 19 PM

I can’t imagine anything but massive amounts of rape happening on that bed located in that bathroom in Lilly Hall.

Photo Feb 19 12 09 16 PM

Remember that rad guy, Will? This was proof he was a scientist. Is this his lab? Who knows the real answer?

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On My Year of Reading or Reading Rainbow!

Do you like my super artsy art? I want to start making accompanying sketches to my post, even if they are stick scratchings. I think I have narrowed my books for the year all picked out. I tried to get a good mix of different genres and take a bunch of suggestions to get stuff that might not have been on my radar. Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions, I really appreciate it!

1. Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand – January

2. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green – February

3. The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy by Pietra Rivoli – March

4. 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami – April

5 .Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson – May

6 .Racing the Beam by Nick Montfort – June

7. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke – July

8. Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain – August

9. The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith – September

10. iWoz by Steve Wozniak and Gina Smith – October

11. The Big Short by Michael Lewis – November

12. Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk -December

This is the list for this year, and if I read through them all with extra time I have a contingency list waiting as well, with a lot more of your suggestions.

I have all the books on my trusty iPad, Matilda, ready to be read. This is going to be great. What will you guys be reading this year, or are reading now? I am curious. Let me know in any way you can, comments preferable. I mean you can use any account now to post, there is nothing stopping you! Happy reading!

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On 24-Hour Blog Day.


Here is the wrap-up for 24-Hour Blog Day 2011.

First, the concept. We got the idea from 24-Hour Comic Book Day. Basically, within a 24-hour time span we will produced 24 unique blogs on varying subjects. The topics were written down by ourselves and other non-participants and put into a box. We only knew the ones we wrote down, everything else was kept a secret. At the beginning of each hour a new topic was drawn and we had to write on that topic.

The rules were as follows:

-New post every hour

-Whatever was written as the end of the hour must be published

-No going back and changing things

-At least one paragraph

That was pretty much it.

The topics that were drawn along with corresponding hours were:

#1: Best of 2010 (11-12)
#2: Funniest Moments (12-1)
#3: When someone mentions childhood what one memory pops into your head? Explain in detail. (1-2)
#4: Methods of Destroying Traffic (2-3)
#5: Alter Egos (3-4)
#6: Friends (4-5)
#7: Write a review of your favorite movie/book/TV Show/Music (5-6)
#8: Theme Songs for Different Moods/Moments (6-7)
#9: Utopias (7-8)
#10: Where is one place you’ve always wanted to go, discuss the benefits of this place. (8-9)
#11: 12 Rhyming Couplets (9-10)
#12: Christmas (10-11)
#13: Irrational Fears (11-12)
#14: Better Creature: Dogs or Cats? (12-1)
#15: Cleveland (1-2)
#16: Mundane Talents/Skills (2-3)
#17: Someone/Something You’ve Always Wished You Were (3-4)
#18: Superpowers you either already have (or think you have), or would like to have (4-5)
#19: Write about your biggest fault (5-6)
#20: Most Influential Year In School (6-7)
#21: Pet Peeves (7-8)
#22: Awkward Moments (8-9)
#23: 80s Movies (9-10)
#24: Cartoons (10-11)

We started at 11 am on February 5, 2011 and ended 11 am February 6, 2011. Not everyone made it, but a surprising amount did. It was a ton of fun and I hope to do it again sometime soon. I will have video footage of it in a “Week In Video” soon.

Since unexpected things can happen to blogs, and none of them are self-hosted, I took the liberty of mirroring all the blogs as they were when they were written. Everything from the style of the page to the pictures are preserved forever in the annals of Killer Tofu. Anyway here are links to the mirrors as well as links to the actual blogs. Enjoy!


Tim Franklin
Kathy Franklin
Joe Flores

John Schuster

Andrew Preston

Lauren Kohl

Elijah Davis

Mike Dodaro

Amanda Keene

Tom Zaglaras

Katie Fabrici

Actual Blog Links

Tim Franklin
Kathy Franklin
Joe Flores
John Schuster
Andrew Preston
Lauren Kohl
Elijah Davis
Mike Dodaro
Amanda Keene
Tom Zaglaras
Katie Fabrici