Let’s get this train wreck-a-rolling

Well, the world’s least Iron-Man has done and bought my favorite self-inflicted headwound and is seemingly tanking it at record pace.

And this right here is why you keep a dot-com. Nobody can do anything to me here. I’m invincible!

But honestly, I will miss it when it’s gone, and we will see how that comes to pass. None of this, not one of these megaliths are forever. That being said, this dovetails nicely into me wanting to do more on the writing side of things

I have a bunch of topics lined up, from *years* past, and my goal is to write one a week. Hopefully that will shake some rust off this old brain of mine.

Already, I feel the lightness.

Personal Website

A blog in 2022

Just updated the back end of this thing again. I don’t know exactly what it is about this site, but I do like writing even if it is infrequent. It helps me organize my thoughts and take stock of what has been happening. I usually do the majority of my writing at coffee shops, but since the pandemic, it’s been hard to get to places to sit and work. The blurring of lines of work and play has been really challenging.

That said, I am going to make a real effort to work this into my general taking stock of things, if only because it’s the thing that I’ve had the longest with regard to my digital footprint. I love the URL, I love the content even if it is so cringe. It’s just nice to know despite my world constantly changing, it’s still there.

I also have re-revived some old sites that have been hit with a nasty bit of malware that frankly was probably there for years at this point. I believe I cleared it out root-and-branch.


All operational all still around.

While still rambly, I’m glad I got something. I hope to complete some old blogs if only to shake the rust off these writing skills.

Personal Technology Website

2021 One

Hi, hello.

Welcome to a blog post.

We are all doing blog posts again in 2021.

More and more people are saying this.

Firstly, and foremostly, I’ve wanted to write on this thing in forever. I’ve been putting it off for a while because, truthfully the web stuff I manage was getting too out of date and I didn’t have the time or energy to update it. Writing on the site just reminded me of all the potential security holes it had.

Honestly, it probably wasn’t as bad as I made it out to be. It was only about a year out of date, but the way I set it up didn’t lend itself to change easily, even if this was originally the goal of the whole thing.


This site you are now on is now properly containerized. I spent a bunch of time banging my head against the wall to get all my configuration files correct and now I can spin up a WordPress site with proper certs in a single script. All my other sites that I manage I’ve moved back to a more managed host. They will load slower, will run on older versions of software, my total control over all the aspects of the back end is gone, but with that, I don’t have to worry about them. They will just hum along without much of my input. It’s a huge mental relief because some of those sites were just completely offline for too long.

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

Sorry, first thing, that popped into my head when I tried to type “So we…”

I plan on trying to split up some post ideas I have into many smaller posts because I tend to blow these things way too far out of proportion and they never end up posted.

In that, let’s do some quick re-caps and get the hell out of here 15 minutes early.

Like, many, I’m sure, I’ve been on more Zoom calls than I can count this past year, but I did manage to do some good things within them and in spite of them.

Dimescon happened again, albeit online this time. This has been a yearly tradition where we do small presentations on just about anything. The numbering of events has skipped a year as Dimescon 2020 never happened because 2020 doesn’t deserve a moniker. This year mine was about one of my favorite things, posting. It has been lovingly edited and posted below. I’m all blurry because the source media file is taken from a Zoom recording and my picture was all teeny tiny in the corner.

TECH SIDEBAR: I recently have been trying to figure out ways to augment my main computer as I have many that could provide use. In that I figured out a way to get remote rendering with Adobe Premiere. That means I can have my little server box work away at a final render of a video and not be locked out of my main computer while it cranks through all my insane effects in three and four dimensions. I did this by installing Adobe Media Encoder on the server box and setting a watch folder. This watch folder is network shared. That way when I transfer the Adobe Premiere project file over in the folder, it sees it and starts rendering sequences in the root folder in Premiere (not in a bin). The one hiccup is I have to make sure I transfer my media files over BEFORE the project file, otherwise Adobe Media Encoder tried to start rendering without the source files and messes up. Otherwise, it is very cool. More on the shared computing stuff later.

Remote rendering on my server box viewed from my main PC

My improv group did a holiday show, that I quite liked, we did a riff on a Hallmark movie that I thought went very well. Here is that show:

OK, this has been a solid first post of 2021. I’m going to call it here and continue on later. In conclusion, 2021 is a land of contrasts.