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A new era is upon us!

Alright, this is probably a tad hyperbolic. Fine. Very hyperbolic.

I’m just saying the site has been upgraded. It was running on a bespoke (as close that as possible) server VM that I hand-crafted and artisanally put into service with love. That’s all been chucked out with yesterdays hummus. It’s the 90s, nobody has time for that anymore!

Now it’s running all in containers. Containers are all the rage these days (2014). The advantage of this is that it runs independent of the operating system, in it’s own mini-OS (over simplifying, but that’s the gist). That means I can tear this hunk-a-junk down and rebuild it super easily with minimal configuration. It also means when a new version of any of the things that run this thing get upgraded, I can easily just upgrade the container, and BA-ZAM the site is using the latest and greatest.

Now migrating everything took a while, and I wrote some helpful bash scripts to help me along, but I am pleased with how this all turned out. This also should allow me to upload test code projects in their own container without having to worry about too much cross talk and breaking stuff. I’m excited about it.

Now that I feel comfortable writing in this again, maybe I’ll actually update more frequently. (HAHAHAHAHAH)

Sincerely yours,


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