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A new era is upon us!

Alright, this is probably a tad hyperbolic. Fine. Very hyperbolic.

I’m just saying the site has been upgraded. It was running on a bespoke (as close that as possible) server VM that I hand-crafted and artisanally put into service with love. That’s all been chucked out with yesterdays hummus. It’s the 90s, nobody has time for that anymore!

Now it’s running all in containers. Containers are all the rage these days (2014). The advantage of this is that it runs independent of the operating system, in it’s own mini-OS (over simplifying, but that’s the gist). That means I can tear this hunk-a-junk down and rebuild it super easily with minimal configuration. It also means when a new version of any of the things that run this thing get upgraded, I can easily just upgrade the container, and BA-ZAM the site is using the latest and greatest.

Now migrating everything took a while, and I wrote some helpful bash scripts to help me along, but I am pleased with how this all turned out. This also should allow me to upload test code projects in their own container without having to worry about too much cross talk and breaking stuff. I’m excited about it.

Now that I feel comfortable writing in this again, maybe I’ll actually update more frequently. (HAHAHAHAHAH)

Sincerely yours,




You probably didn’t notice, but you just got this site served to you on a brand spankin’ new web server! Oh yes, it is the freshest and newest since the last one (which was almost three years ago!)

Also, evidently I have missed my post date from the previous post because of course I did. I mean I can’t commit to post dates and hit them. That wouldn’t be very on brand for this site. That’s not to say it isn’t close to post, it is.

There is another cool thing I am launching with this fancy dance web server. Or RE-launching. HOW CURIOUS. You will just have to wait to find out. Barring any ridiculous problems, it should be live soon. This is something that should exist and sadly doesn’t anymore.

Anyway, stay tuned and long live this weird website!


New Era on Killer Tofu

Going off the energy from posting my resolution post, I have revamped the website. Back-end mostly, so it will look the same to most of you, but some very important changes which will allow me to share more and more frequently with all of you!

I have the site separated into 3 parts now: Main, Mini, and Share. I will go over what each one is and how to get to them.


This is pretty simple, same great stuff you have been experiencing, same way to experience it. Just go to the main site.

KT Mini

One thing that has plagued me for a while is not posting short articles or just pictures. I have missed so much stuff to share with you guys because I didn’t want to interrupt the long-form writing. This is where I will post photos or short thoughts that I want to keep around and you guys can see them. This means more frequent updates. These will not appear on the main site, but can be accessed at:

KT Share

This is my Tumblr replacement because I don’t like Tumblr. This is where I will put all the stuff I find all over the net that I want to share with you fine folks. Really, think Tumblr. Like KT Mini these will not show up on the main page. They can be accessed at:


This is per my goals on the resolution post. I will be keeping track of my fitness here. These WILL appear on my main page so you don’t have to do anything special to see them. If you would like to see them condensed or only want to look at that portion of the site you can find it at:

Those are the main additions, that are relevant to you guys. If you go to the blog page and check the side I have added RSS feeds. If you use Google Reader or any other RSS reader to look at content on the web, I have separated all the new stuff into feeds. There are feeds for the main site, mini, and share, or you can get all posts in one convenient feed.

All updates will be posted to Twitter and subsequently Facebook so those are also places to find new content. I am excited for what this means for sharing stuff with you and hopefully this whole thing will become more interactive. As always, please comment here (preferably) or on Facebook and Twitter. What do you guys think of the additions? Any suggestions? 2012 is going to be awesome, not just for me, but for the site as well.


P.S. iOS users should go to and add it to their homescreen to see the sweet new icon. Also, the mobile site is up again and working better than ever.