So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

Here it is, my new blog, Killer Tofu! After years of jumping between free services and free hosting and some hella long URLs I finally caved and purchased a domain and some web space. The catalyst for all this was my excellent job deleting the Google account linked to my old blog, kikaihito. This site is still very heavily under construction, but at least it’s functional. It’s crazy how much freedom I have to control the site. It’s all so foreign. I plan on uploading all my old posts from kikaihito and converting my older blogs into post form. The problem with this is since I am locked out of my blogger account for kikaihito and my older posts were straight up html hard code and xanga; I am forced to manually enter each one and change the dates and times. Ughh. It will be a process, but for once I will have all my posts centralized. I will also be moving all the images from the myriad of locations all over they net they are located. I also can tag posts now to make them all searchable by content. How neat. I do want to write an actual post, but this post is already a procrastination of homework. Please keep checking back. I think now that I have more control and I am actually shelling out green for this site I will probably be posting more. I will also try to post more pictures, because from what I hear they say a 1000 words. Not a word more though.

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