This unholy mess of an administration does an amazing job of killing off any remaining hope I have for America. I always wonder how fantastically disgusted our forefathers would be if they see whats going on. This nation is falling into something that reminds me of the third reich. That’s right I am comparing nazi Germany to the United States. I need to very much enforce the fact that I feel this way. Not because of the amazing analysis that Keith Olberman did on his latest special comment, but because I actually feel sick every time I take a step back and look at where our nation is headed. RIght now, just by the pure fact of me writing this, I am now a target for the government. I am bashing the current administration, that probably makes me a terrorist by some fucking ridiculous law that got piggy-backed on a bill to allow the government to spy us. If you are reading this right now, the government knows. They are policing the internet. The internet is something that be free for anyone to put up anything they want. That’s the beauty and usefulness of it. With the extension of the FISA bill we are now granting immunity to giant telecom industries because they helped the government spied on us. That really harkens back to nazi Germany doesn’t it. Changing the laws to better fit the governments needs for a war that doesn’t need to be. An ex-employee recalls that he was ordered to patch EVERY connection running through AT&T’s lines to a room to be recorded and latter reviewed by the government. Room Number 641-A, at the Folsom Street facility in San Francisco. That’s where this will probably end up as well. Mark Klein, the whistle-blower, said it best, “My thought was ‘George Orwell’s 1984, and here I am, being forced to… connect the Big Brother machine.” The worst part isn’t Bush, Cheny, or all the telecom CEOs, who somehow can close their eyes at night and sleep knowing full well everything they have done. No, the worst part is we are letting it happen. A government is a collection of people. The president has power because WE gave it to him. I am sick of people sluffing everything the administration does because it “doesn’t affect them” or “what can one person do?” The president is not immune, neither is congress or any other branch. That’s the beauty of the original system, everything has a check to balance out power. Now we have some bastardized version of it where the president reflects a king or emperor more than anything. So, next time something doesn’t seem right, how about shooting off a letter to your congressman. This is our country and I am sick and tired of people pissing all over our constitution. I do ask that you please watch this video, it is really powerful.

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