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As you can see pictured above I like Chrono Trigger. Like might be a slight understatement. It is far and away my favorite video game. It has everything a Video Game should: adventure, story, fleshed out characters, emotion, replay value. The game has 13 endings total; that is fairly unheard of! I could gush about the game for days, but the real reason for the post is just to say I have another edition added to my collection of CT. I bought it for the Nintendo DS for a mere $20 from GameStop. Worth every penny. In fact, you should probably go buy it right now. Stop reading and go buy it. I’m serious.

I unfortunately did not jump on the CT bandwagon when it first came out. I was never a big RPG fan when I was a kid, twas a shame too. I was leafing through an old Nintendo Power in the spring of ’01 when I noticed a previously unread writeup on Chrono Trigger. I read it over a couple times and realized that I needed to own this game. I called around to my local used game shops, most which didn’t have any, and finally found a place with a copy going for $70. That was indeed a steep price to pay, but I was in dire need! So, I (my mom) drove on down to the store and bought the best game ever. It was magnificent and I regret nothing! Except maybe that a couple months later it came out on PlayStation for a much reduced price and added FMVs. Jerks!

When I went to Japan in the summer of ’05 aside from the cultural experience of going to foreign country (and Japan of all of them) my other goal was simple. Find and buy as many classic video games and I could with the funds allotted. I was taken to a store called Tsutaya and they had a huge collection of old video games and I spotted Chrono Trigger. Based upon my precious experience I figured it would be quite pricey. Not only was it not pricey, it was dirt cheap and they had a million of them. I bought the Super Famicom version for all of ¥105 which is roughly $1.17. I could have bought 59 copied of the Super Famicom version for the price I payed for my one Super Nintendo cart. Damn supply and demand curves.

I will say I plan to keep buying any incarnation I find of this game including the Japanese versions of any of the games I have an the PAL versions if I happen to stumble upon them. Best. Game. Ever.

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