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Welcome to the World of Mother 3

Mother 3 baby!

It took a while. It went through a couple hiccups, but it’s finally here. The Mother 3 fan translation was released on Friday, October 17, 2008. I would like to say this is going to make soing homework just that much harder. I would like to thank the entire Mother 3 translation team. I have followed along every step of the way and they have gone through some nasty bugs and overcome them all. I will toast them with my heartiest wine.

For those of you unaware of what Mother 3 even is, it’s the sequel to Earthbound. Now, “What is Earthbound”, you ask while Satan is inventing a new ring of hell reserved for the people unaware of this gaming masterpiece. Earthbound, or Mother 2 as it’s now in Japan, is an RPG for SNES, but it is far more than just a game. It had so much depth and originality. It was quirky, funny, and frankly weird at times. I mean just look at the loyal fan base. Nintendo had no plans of localizing it so a ragtag bunch of indiviuals took it upon themselves to localize it. They don’t get money or fame, they do it for the love of the game. Anyway, I am ranting. If you haven’t played Earthbound, you really should do something nice for yourself for once and play it. After you do that head over to and download the fan translation. I am just so excited about this! I will let you know how the game is as I progress, but so far it is just as oddly charming and esoteric as the original.

Play Earthbound.

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