A New York Blog Part Two.

Day 3
Today we had our high powered business lunch on Wall Street planned so we suited up (literally) and headed for Manhattan. We had a ton of time to kill before lunch so we decided to see that statue that is like a national symbol or something. We were taking the subway everywhere, I felt like I was starting to get the hang of this New York thing. I don’t know if I have mentioned this in any other blog, but I love public transit. It is so convenient and cheap. I don’t mind the packed rides when it gets busy because you are usually only on there for about max 15 minutes. It beats the hell out of the frustration of driving in Indiana. Mostly because if you are a blind, deaf, mute with one leg and three fingers you can still get a license in Indiana. So my goal is when I plan on getting into a semi-permanent job to be in a place with an awesome public transit system. Anyway back to NYC. So the Statue of Liberty is quite far away from the mainland. You kind of get a glimpse of it, but nothing to write home about. If you want to see it up close you HAVE to take a ferry ride. I wasn’t in the mood to stand in like a infy long line and pay an exorbitant amount of money to see a statue I must have seen a million times from every angle. That’s one super touristy thing I managed to avoid. By the time we scoped the statue and all I was quite hungry. The problem was we lost contact with our business associates and didn’t even know if it was still on. The last time we has any contact with them was four hour prior. We kept trying to get a hold of them and coming up with nothing so we decided to just grab something somewhere else. Right as we were about to order we get a call and it’s them so luckily the suits were not in vein. We got the tour of Wall St. and some other stuff. It was pretty neat. OH YEAH! When I was by the Statue of Liberty some woman asked me for directions and that made my day. I am glad I blended in that well that I looked like I knew what I was doing. Sadly I had to tell the woman some horribly wrong directions so I wouldn’t seem weak. JOKING I just said I didn’t know. In true business fashion we went to a sushi bar and talked about the falling economy and blue chip stocks and how well our nestegg is doing. We got to see their apartment and it was actually super ridiculous close to Wall Street. I was surprised at the size of it and how nice it was. The thing that surprised me even more was the rent. $5300 a month! And for emphasis five-thousand three-hundred dollars a month. If you do a few calculations that’s $63,600 a year. That’s more than most people make for an entire year. It is split between 3 people, but that is still $21,200 a year. That no small number. A years worth of rent for me is not even equal to one months rent there. I guess that’s location for you though. After we were done exploring the financial district we had to get over to the wedding, the reason we came to New York in the first place.

We arrived right on time to the Goeth Institut (No, there is no e at the end). I actually don’t know how to pronounce it, it is German I believe. The place was fairly small and intimate, it was nice. The wedding itself was really cool. It wasn’t like a normal ceremony. It was very personalized and interesting. It gave me some ideas for if and when I tie the knot. The funny thing I thought was the procession music wasn’t your wedding march or anything. The chose songs, and one of them was Options by Pedro the Lion. I don’t know if you know know the lyrics to that song, but in a nutshell it basically discusses divorce. I am not very superstitious, but how is a song about divorce not a bad omen for a WEDDING. I don’t know if Emi or the Toph will read this, but if you do, don’t get offended I love the song and Pedro the Lion, I just found it a tad off. Erik was there from Purdue too. He is a giant Pedro fan and he mentioned it too me and couldn’t believe they were using it either. Anyway it was a fun time. I think they are going to be good together. The mentioned in their vows or whatever they wrote how you will fall in and out of love during marriage. That made me happy. I am so tired of people just thinking once you get married everything is perfect or it’s not meant to be. It takes work. Anything in life that is worth having you have to work for. I believe that. The part that keeps couples together is their ability to persevere through trying times because they want it to work that much. I don’t want that misinterpreted as people who fight all the time should stay together. It’s a line you have to draw for yourself, I just don’t like it when people just give up if one little thing goes ary. This is getting away from the wedding. We managed our way back around 11 and that pretty much concluded our trip to NYC. We are in La Guardia airport right now waiting for our flight which leaves at 1:30 and it’s basically a trek back to Purdue right now. It was a lot of fun and if you have never been to NYC I would recommend it. It is definitely an experience and don’t just do the touristy stuff. Get into the subway and travel around. It is definitely a place I plan on coming back to. Its 11 right now so I still have two and a half hours to go. Lets see if I can find something to do with my time, preferably productive.

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Mostly this is comment it to show I read your blog. The other portion of this comment is to voice my opinion that it is really fucking weird we are growing up and can go to New York by ourselves and have friends on Wall Street and have friends getting married. We are adults now. When did that happen?

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