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Wakarimasen! (I don’t understand!)

I am sitting here try to do some homework, and sometimes I just can’t understand it. I really hate it when I can’t understand something. I don’t consider myself an unintelligent person, just some things trip me up. The problem I face is that if I don’t get something fairly quickly it discourages me to the point of wanting to give up. I try to find an answer, but sometimes text books are so poorly written and unorganized it’s impossible to actually find a trace of the information you are looking for. It absolutely drives me crazy when homework differs from notes in class and in the book. It pretty much defeats the purpose of homework. If I have to go see someone about the homework then you need to restructure the way homework is assigned. I understand homework is supposed to be hard sometimes, but if they give you ridiculously simple examples and then lay it on than that is not really teaching at all is it? I am just ticked and annoyed at some of my assignments. How about you guys?

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