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I’m still alive!

I wonder if anyone even checks this thing anymore. Probably not. I thought being in college would have me posting on my blog more than ever, but it turns out that college is different than high school (who could of guessed?). I have been swamped in homework pretty much, but it looks as if it might start easing up. Why? I don’t really have any clue, but that mean more blogs for you guys (I really hope all of you haven’t lost faith in me). Tonight after I get back to the dorm I am gonna write until my hands are sore and my eyes are as red as the sun. So tomorrow there will be a good post. Promise for real this time. I will tell you what college has been like, classes, food….bathrooms. This is my formal apology to all my readers; I am sorry to have had you guys waiting so long. Hopefully, see some hits again. Now, back to homework. I am actually writing this from the library. So, until tomorrow.

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