So, this blog has been majorly neglected as of late. There is a reason for this. I have not forgotten about it or even not wanted to write. Here’s the poop. I am trying to move this site over to my own personal server so I do not have to pay for hosting fees. The problem is that IIS 6.0 which is Microsoft’s built in web server does not really like PHP which is what wordpress (the backend of this blog) uses to compile. I am in summer classes right now which limits the time I can spend on it. I am trying my damndest though to get it up. To see updates on me and progress I am making on the site just check the twitter box on the side. Thanks for still reading!


I am not dead.

I know this blog went from frequent updates to almost nothing. It is nearing the end of the semester which means that it is crunch time. I will try to keep it updated. I miss venting on here. I updated the track of the week. I suggest listening to it. Physics lecture here I come. *woosh*

Nonsense Website

A New Blog!?!…What Gives?

Hey everyone! [cricket noises] Yeah, no ones reads this thing anymore. I realize I hardly ever update this thing and it’s really not a matter of time or material. I always try to write super long entries which usually are comprised of several minor stories or events that happened throughout my life. I try to save these events in my mind, but with the way school is I usually end up forgetting them, thus resulting in almost no blog updates. I am going to update frequently, but the updates will be small. Hopefully I can jumpstart this thing again. Well that’s the small update for today. I will update again soon!