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Here’s to Another Goddamn New Year.

It’s a little late to be writing a New Year’s post, but why do I have to answer to you? HUH!?! All unfounded anger aside I figured it’s a “better late than never” scenario. Although my resolutions are really all my own personal business I figured because one of them has implications directly affecting this here website I would list and/or describe them. Also, because this blog is not just a connection to you the reader, but a cataloging and journaling of my life it would be good for pure archival reference. I notice that in most of my blog I have to justify my reason for the post, like for whatever reason I am presenting this to the board of trustees and hoping for approval. That is just not the case, so I am going to work on that.*

2009 was pretty rad, but this post is not a reflection on the past, but a look forward into the future! (this would be the point you imagine hover cars and personal, hug-powered jet packs)

Resolutions for the year MMX (2010):

1. Write a Blog Post at Least Once a Week

The irony that that this is a late resolutions post and thus far I have failed miserably is not lost on me. The only excuse I can offer is that I have been in transition recently what with moving back down to school and having late registration of classes. Although, I am not much for the self-justifications, it has been fairly hectic. So, this resolution is in effect as of today, and for anybody that actually reads this, please get on me if I slack.

The reason behind this resolution is that I don’t take full advantage of this website. Beyond the monetary contribution I make every month to my web host there is numerous benefits to keeping a regular journal. A journal is a great way to look back to see what has transpired as we make our way through life. Not to mention to see how much of an idiot you were years prior (see any blogs of mine circa 2003).  Aside from cataloging this also improves my writing ability, something I believe is paramount if you ever get into a position where you need to interact with people via the written word. Even beyond the honing of skills, it is a great outlet. I often find that various points throughout life require a bit of organization to step through the events that have come about. Writing is fantastic for examining life and all it’s intricacies. One last reason why this is my number one resolution; it is a great connection to people you know such as family as well as people you have yet to know (or people you may never know). It is a window to yourself into which people are allowed to peer and gain a greater perspective on you. Due to the nature of blogs many opinions are discussed and a reader might widen their view on something do to the discussion that takes place within a post. Again, a window into the complexities of being human.

Remember, please, If I slack, get on me. I do not want to let this one slip.

2. Train for and Subsequently Run a Marathon

This is actually a failed resolution for 2009. I have no really good excuse for this. It was just a matter of other things taking priority. This cannot and will not happen in the new year. This goal represents more than just a conquering of the physical. I have not been a very physical person in life. Not that I have been super huge or lazy, but stagnation was the name of the game for most of high school. I turned over a new leaf right about the end of High School. This is kind of the culmination of all the years of change. By completing a marathon it’s kind of saying that, “Yes, I have changed and I have proof.” Even with that it is a mastery of the mental because for many years I have been one of those, “How can anyone run a marathon? It’s not for me.” Those are roadblocks I need to get past. I have adopted the can-do-anything mentality to life and I really am kind of peeved when I hear people spout excused because they are just that, excuses. Beyond mental and physical impossibilities, such as a missing limb or brain-damage, I truly believe one can do anything you put your mind to. This will be evidence to support my thesis.

3. Organize and Conqure (A tale of School and the Beyond)

Motivation has been a killer for me, but it’s not full out laziness, but more a scattering of unmotivated events. I am convinced that is less to do with my personality and almost everything due to my lack of organization and time management. My hypothesis is that if I manage my time properly and account for all my “stuff” going on I will eviscerate my motivational conundrum. So far I have attended a day class in time management and effective use of a planning system. I have seen a real change in how and when I get things done that I have not witnessed in the past. The main reason behind this push for regime is that I end up doing poorly or just ok at the close of each school semester. I am so starry-eyed at the beginning and by the end I am looking back and scratching my head as to what has happened. Upon closer inspection I think I keep too much stuff in memory. The problem is human memory is terrible. You will always be reminded at inopportune times, be it too early or too late. This is why I am trying to keep everything centrally located in a planner. If it’s out of my head and on paper it is no longer my responsibility to remember when things are due and I can keep my head focused on the now. As you can see a lot of this is school-centric and you’d be right. I hope these skills will carry over to other parts of my life (I can see they already have), but that leads me to my sub resolution

3a. All A’s for the Year

I have not received all A’s since I was probably in 5th grade. I know it is not intelligence based because I know that I am capable of achieving this it’s a matter purely on how much I apply myself. The satisfaction that would come from this would be almost unmeasurable. It would be a testament to the new organization system as well as quantitative proof of personal and professional growth. I have kind of been at odds with myself for a while because I believe that if one is going to put forth an effort it should be their best effort, and I just have not been doing that.

This one is kind of multifaceted, but perhaps the most important on the list. It is one that I plan to focus most of my attention on and hopefully will lead to the success of the others as well.

4. Be Comfortable With the Skin I’m In

This one is very open-ended and doesn’t really have a measurable end point. I just would like to be less self conscious and more self confident in everything I do. I think that when you focus on your faults and always worry about what the person next to you is thinking you end up enjoying yourself quite a bit less. Changing yourself to fit an undesired mold to please another is inevitably going to lead to problems and a lack of happiness. The best thing you can do is be honest withyourself and have fun! Who cares about the other person. Life is finite, that is an unchanging truth. Have a good time while you are here. Life’s a journey, start blazing your own path.

Those are the resolutions that I have come up with for the start of the new decade. Some are a little cliched and tired, but I hope that when 2011 comes rolling in that I will have grown and really come out the end regret-free. What are your resolutions? I would love to hear what you guys are doing to put your best self forward in 2010. Drop me a comment below!

*That was just and aside. I make no promises to improve upon this or anything else not cited in my resolutions.

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