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It’s a Good Day

Lets start off by saying that hell is feeling a might chilly today. Can you guess why? Well if you haven’t heard (or cared to hear) Final Fantasy XIII is coming to Xbox 360. I honestly didn’t think it would happen; Sony is known for having an iron grip on its franchise exclusives. I will tell you that I couldn’t be more excited. I have been a fan of the series for quite some time now and I thought I might have to miss out this console generation. Square Enix and Microsoft came through for me. I haven’t been so into an E3 for about 4 years since they began cutting down. It is good to feel the anticipation is back.

Here is the E3 Trailer of Final Fantasy XIII

In other news my favorite video game of all time is getting a DS remake. It is basically the same game it was on the SNES, but with dual screen functionality and it’s portable. I guess they are tossing in a few added goodies as well. I can’t tell you how excited about this. I mean this game is the pincacle of gaming for me. It has a deep story, all the characters have depth and with many multiple endings it takes away some of the linearity that Squenix RPGs are known for. Squenix is really getting on my good side lately.


With all this video game news I thought it would be a good time to post pics of my painted 360 faceplate. I decided my all white 360 was in need of a face lift. I decided the theme would be the Rebel Alliance from Star Wars (like that took any time to decide.

Here is the inspiration. A rebel flag.

I decided to flesh out the image and see if I could transfer the general idea to the faceplate. Here is the mock up image.

After two weeks and many, many coats of paints. I arrived at my finished product. I am happy with the way it turned out. What do you guys think?

A couple posts back I mentioned my self improvement plan via Excel and I promised to post results of my progress. I have been keeping up with it I promise. The results with grades are…sub-par to say the least, but at least it shows improvement. I would also like to say that I have not bit my nails for an entire week, and I will say that I am starting to get the shakes. I am going to get a manicure if I can break it. I know that sounds a little girly, but I don’t care. These nails have gone through hell over these past 20 years and they deserve a little pampering.

6/30/2008 – 7/6/2008·····54.17%···········F
7/6/2008 – 7/13/2008·····64.58%···········F

The last thing I have to post is a picture I took while picking up milk at Meijer today. There is just something wrong with the sales pitch.


I watched serenity last night and there is a tremendously bad ass scene at the end with a finish pose that was begging to be made into a wallpaper, so I did just that. It’s in wide screen only right now, but request if you would like a different aspect ratio.

R.Tam Desktop

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