Enough already!

First off, we get it. Tea bagging. It’s a double entendre. It doesn’t need to be pointed out any longer. Second, I have a little beef with the people who are doing such bagging of tea. Your symbol is a bag of tea and you are assumed to be perpetrators of a “Modern day Boston Tea Party.” I am not impressed by your lack of historical knowledge. It’s either that or a stand skewing of history to fit your specific situation. Honestly, I am not sure which is it. Let me provide you with a refresher. The date is December 16, 1773, and the colonists are pissed. They want to know why they should have to pay taxes on tea to their British overload without even so much as a say in Parliament. The colonists get together and decide, “You know what? We are tired of this, let’s do something about it, k?” They assembled on a boat and dumped three shipments of tea headed for the motherland right into the Boston Harbor. History is made.

Now can you spot the fundamental difference between these two events? The “revolutionaries” of today are quite represented by their….representatives in congress. They are pissed because they don’t like what Obama is doing. I am afraid to say it, but that’s Democracy. Democracy doesn’t work on a system of everyone gets what they want. It’s based upon a majority vote. Now, it sucks that you don’t like it, and all I can say to that is keep trying to get your message out and protesting and perhaps people will listen and elect officials that will vote in your favor, but DO NOT go around comparing yourself to the revolutionaries of olde. You are represented, find another symbolic gesture.

Please don’t misinterpret this. I think protesting and questioning things is fantastic. People should be involved in their government and if something is fishy to them; they should get involved and try to fix it. That I believe is the true American way. STARS AND BARS! EMERICA! THESE COLORS DON’T RUN! *cough* excuse me.

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