Analysis on addiction.

I have never understood addiction; why people get addicted, or how people can stay addicted. The thing I understood the least is the feeling of addiction, how you body craves something so much your entire personality will wrap itself around the craving, twist and turn to accommodate it. I think I finally shed a small light into the mystery that is addiction. After driving home one arduous day, you know the days your eyes never open past half pupil you feel like your just going through the motions, so anyway, I’m driving home and I haven’t eaten like all day and I’m starved. I was so hungry it felt like my stomach was eating itself. All I could think about was food, it was like I was only half concentrating on the world around me. An epiphany came over me, it’s not as if addiction had been on my mind that day or if it even came into conversation, it just hit me like a ton of bricks that this is what addiction must feel like. Your entire world is distorted by the ill effects of the craving. It just eats away at you. I think since then I can better understand why people with addictions do what they do, my ultimate suggestion is this: Do not become addicted. I don’t know exactly why I wrote this blog. Maybe to let other people have a little insight of mine. Hope this helps.

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