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Japan does it again!

I am sitting here watching the Nintendo press conference for E3 and the president Satoru Iwata comes up to speak. His English is not perfect, but pretty good. I have just come to the realization that all native Japanese trying to speak English automatically are unbearably cute. If you don’t believe me go listen to one yourself. Mr. Iwata was explaining how you can close the Nintendo DS at anytime and it freezes the game then you can open it back up and it will take off from when you closed it. Instead of stating that this technology has spoiled him he says, “I think I am spoiled.” It’s a little quirky which I think makes it so adorable. You might think that at this point I might sound like a chick, but basically you can forget that because you will be singing a different tune when you find I am correct. So if you can find a native Japanese who is learning English I suggest you listen up, and subsequently melt when you do.

P.S. Wii has me giddier than a school girl.

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