Some friends and I went to see Alton Brown live for Tim’s (Tim of Tim and Matt Play fame) birthday. During the show Alton had these comically large wheels for selecting three constituent parts of a cocktail. These were the base, the base spirit, the secondary spirit, and a finisher. Think of a Manhattan (my personal favorite) – Rye whiskey (base), sweet vermouth (secondary spirit), Angostura bitters (finisher). This is supposedly the definition for a successful cocktail. Tim constructed the wheel, and we decided to put that to the test. The results were, let’s say, varied. One of the best parts were just naming them. Anyway, in short, 8/10 would suffer through again.


Analysis on addiction.

I have never understood addiction; why people get addicted, or how people can stay addicted. The thing I understood the least is the feeling of addiction, how you body craves something so much your entire personality will wrap itself around the craving, twist and turn to accommodate it. I think I finally shed a small light into the mystery that is addiction. After driving home one arduous day, you know the days your eyes never open past half pupil you feel like your just going through the motions, so anyway, I’m driving home and I haven’t eaten like all day and I’m starved. I was so hungry it felt like my stomach was eating itself. All I could think about was food, it was like I was only half concentrating on the world around me. An epiphany came over me, it’s not as if addiction had been on my mind that day or if it even came into conversation, it just hit me like a ton of bricks that this is what addiction must feel like. Your entire world is distorted by the ill effects of the craving. It just eats away at you. I think since then I can better understand why people with addictions do what they do, my ultimate suggestion is this: Do not become addicted. I don’t know exactly why I wrote this blog. Maybe to let other people have a little insight of mine. Hope this helps.


America the Beauti…

OK, so here we go with my first official entry. Lately, I have been kind of down – mainly due to the stupidity of most Americans. Call me anti-patriotic, or whatever. It will not faze me. It seems everywhere I turn it’s some redneck hillbilly commenting on the “war” in Iraq; making some idiotic comment which is backed up because he saw it on the all reliable Fox “News.” Also, I do not know exactly how it happened, but the primary source of entertainment for most high school students is getting “crunk.” Now I admit, I am biased because I despise alcohol, but come on, their lives revolve around it. What follows is the usual conversation that passes through my ears: “Dude! I can’t wait to get so wasted this weekend!” followed by “Yeah! it’s gonna be so sweet. I’m not going to remember anything.” Why can’t people have fun while remembering it? The answer I usually get is “because I like it.” What a terribly weak answer. I guess I could take the approach it’s not me (and believe me it’s not), but it gets ridiculously annoying when you hear this about every hour of the day. Well that’s my gripe of the blog.

Today, was actually quite enjoyable. Mr. and Mrs. Finny, Alex, and I went out to Outback Steakhouse. It was quite delectable. OK, so you know how Outback is totally like you’re in the outback, well the menus had the obligatory Australian phrases such as “bloomin” and “bonzer.” April apparently did not know of such words as bonzer and proceeded to ask what “bone-zur” was. That gave everyone quite a chuckle. Our server, Lucas, was awesome and kept refilling our drinks about every 4 1/2 seconds. I probably had about 6 Cokes while I was there. Afterwards we went to Barnes and Noble which lasted about 15 minutes because they closed at 9. After our short jaunt at B&N we drove over to Finny’s house and played Boggle and watched TV. I heart Boggle – I’m just mad that the only word I can get a point for is “oat.”

I have pretty much figured out my life’s plan it’s not very detailed, but it is what I am going to stick to.
1. Graduate Purdue with a double major in Computer Engineering and Japanese.
2. Enter the JET Programme right out of college and live in Japan.
3. Find lucrative computer-based job in Japan.
4. Live happily ever after.
I can not wait for the future; it will own.