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On Stuff I’ve Been Thinking About.

I am starting this blog project with some friends of mine that is similar to the 24-Hour Blog Day 1 and 2. If you took 24-Hour Blog Day and stretched it out you’d have this project. The basic concept is that a rotating person (a new person chosen from a rotation of people not a person who is spinning. Duh, guys.) chooses a topic and we all have to write a posts on it within a week. Simple. To prepare myself for it I decided to write just a short post just to sand some of the rust off.

Basically, I want to just present you with some things that have been on my mind grapes.

  • VCRs, Cassete Tapes, Film Cameras, Vinyl Records. They are all analog devices. We are, or are getting very close to being, completely off analog storage standards for our media. Given our high definition video and audio and it’s storage being in a digital format; Do you think that we could have achieved this kind of fidelity with analog devices?
  • How everything can be described by a mathematical function, eventually.
  • How incredibly elegant computers are. I mean we take fantastically enormous functions and problems and break it down to a series of functions on 1s and 0s. How amazing.
  • How the SNES is great. It really is great.
  • Why people who claim to be Christian forget the golden rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Would you want another to restrict your rights as a person? My guess is no, but it’s hard to look at things from another’s point of view. That being said it’s important to try. Tolerance and acceptance can only be found in another’s shoes.

These are just some of the myriad things I have been thinking about. What do you guys think about any of this? Lemme know and stay tuned for at least weekly blog updates thanks to the blog project. First one is coming up in a couple days.

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