Blog Day 2011 Part 2

Topic 24: Time Travel


“I Wish Someone Had Told Me…”

  • How to build a time machine.
  • How cool it is in the future!
  • How come that guy hit me.
  • How long I would stay in Jail for fighting back.
  • How much money it would cost to get me a good lawyer.
  • That the girl I hit on was related to me!
  • How much I would miss my friends.
  • How cool the past is!
  • That I would be considered the smartest guy in this whole village.
  • That I would be offered maidens and wenches just to hear me speak.
  • That not all the maidens and wenches were single.
  • That some of these past men can hit HARD.
  • That I would meet the love of my life in 1902.
  • That her name was Lucy.
  • That she smells like roses all the time.
  • That we have the same things in common.
  • That we can talk for hours.
  • That I would ask her to marry me on our third meeting.
  • That she was to have an arranged marriage.
  • That she can’t break out of it.
  • That it would hurt this much.
  • That I wish I would have never met her.
  • That I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about her.
  • That the future would lose it luster this quickly.
  • That this many bottles wouldn’t make it feel better.
  • That this much jumping would start causing rifts.
  • How to solve a time paradox.
  • That I want to go back home.
  • That this time machine is no fun.
  • That the ability to go to any when would cause this much hurt, pain, and problems.
  • That I wouldn’t be able to handle this.
  • That even though I messed up so royally I would be given another chance.
  • That I am so happy to not have to deal with that mess any more.
  • That tomorrow starts the rest of my linear life.
  • That I could recover from such heartbreak.
  • That I would meet someone else.
  • That she would be my type.
  • That she would be my time.
  • That she would be my wife.
  • That she would be my life.
Blog Day 2011 Part 2

Topic 23: The Lesser of Two Weevils

“Come Up With a Title for a Blog that would be a Pun Headline. Write this story, article, what have you based on the headline.”

A rash of plant thefts have been happening all around Boone County recently. No need to call the police, this is a problem with Mother Nature. Curculionidae and Curculionidae are the ones who need to be rounded up and locked away. The problem is these two bandits are not in cahoots and they are even rarely seen together.

Botanist Jamie Rhodes gives some tips on how to keep the plant predators at bay.

  • Spray the leaves with a diluted solution of equal parts water and household glass cleaner
  • Keep plants watered to be able to withstand attacks
  • Do not plant flowers near crops as Weevils are attracted to their scent

There happens to be a catch to all this. Curculionidae, which are identified by their elongated nose and light brown color, are completely manageable their brethren the Curculionidae, black with large antennae, are extremely dangerous to your crops. If you spot one you are advised to consult your  local exterminator and have your fields sparred to prevent further infestation.

Blog Day 2011 Part 2

Topic 22: The Economics of China


The buzz right now is China. Everywhere you look in America you will see warning signs about China. I don’t want to make you feel more or less scared about this. Personally, I don’t think there is anything to be afraid of. If (when) we do drop to another country economically it doesn’t mean America is over, it is just a change. Anyway this post is to talk a little economics with all of you all about China so maybe you can better understand what people are saying when they are talking economics.

China recently became the second largest economy in the world by GDP. GDP stands for gross domestic product. It is calculated using the folowing equation:

GDP = C + I + G + (Ex – I)


GDP = private consumption (consumer spending) + gross investment + government spending + (exports − imports)

This is usually the barometer economists use to measure success of a country. Recently (last year) China overtook Japan as the world’s second largest economy based on GDP. They are still extremely very close in terms of GDP, but Japan’s economy is pretty anemic in terms of growth while China’s is growing at 9% to 10% every year.

In terms of economies (GDP) as of 2010 the world looks like this:

1. USA  – $14,657,800,000,000

2. China – $5,878,257,000,000

3. Japan – $5,458,872,000,000

As you can see as of right now Japan and China are very close, but the US is over DOUBLE China. It is going to take China a while to catch up, but looking at how poorly the US economy is performing we have very little growth in comparison. If things continue on as they are currently China will overtake the US for the top spot within the next 20 years.

Like I said this post isn’t to debate the merits or consequences of this, just to inform. I encourage you to do your own research because whether you are into economics are not it will have a direct impact on your life.