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On Childhood.

So, this was actually my topic. It was more wordy than the others apparently. The full length topic was “When someone mentions childhood, what one memory pops into your head. Explain in detail.” Which is exactly what I plan on doing.

I actually had my memory in mind when I wrote this topic. A vague idea, but an idea none the less.

Far and away this is what my mind wanders to when I think of my childhood. It is the one untarnished, perfect memory of when I was a child. This is when my cousins from wisconsin stayed with my aunt for a summer when their house was being built. To give an idea of why this was awesome we must first start with geography. On sunny Rustic Lane lives a good chunk of the Gyure family (At one time or another most have moved away). We have my house, and then right next door lives my Uncle and my four cousins, Kayleigh, Stephanie, Siena, and Myles. Not to far down the street lives my Aunt and two cousins, Ryan and Allison. Finally, next door to her is my Auntie Jan followed by my Grandma who lives one street over. That is a high concentration of family in a small area.

So my cousins, Tim, Jay, Eric, and Brian, from New York who were moving to Wisconsin were having their new house built and needed a place to stay during that. They decided to crash at my Auntie Jan’s. That started the best summer ever.

At any given time we had at least five people who were up for hanging out. On top of that we had a big trampoline, a Super Nintendo, and a pool at our disposal. Did we need anything else? (The answer is no). Almost every day that it wasn’t raining we would jump on the trampoline until we were all gross and sweaty and would go right next door to go swimming. We played all kind of stupid games in their too, like shark and *super powers. When night fell we played some of the most intense games of Ghost in the Graveyard and Sardines I can remember. We used the “short cut” which was a path between my house and my aunts house. At night it was the spookiest and covered so much land. Surprisingly, we actually found people and will go down as the most epic games of Ghost in the Graveyard ever. We also covered all the windows in my Aunt’s basement and played it down there on rainy days which made the whole basement pitch black. This was less of a game and more of a scare the living bajeezes out of everyone while bumping into walls and columns.

All this fun on top of the occasional back yard campout, frequent sleep overs, and lots of Super Nintendo left me in a constant state of content. I am probably looking at this through a bit of rose tinted glasses, but I wouldn’t trade these memories for all the money in the world.


*Super powers was when would each choose a super power and would fake fight with them. It was actually a lot of fun. Most of our powers came from video games such as Street Fighter II and Mega Man. Pure, unadulterated, imagination.

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