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On Traffic Destruction.

I feel I am woefully uneducated in traffic science and thus unable to give an accurate, real, analysis of the situation. Under these circumstance I will resort to the recesses of my mind and come up with a superhero scenario in which public and private property are callously destroyed without any thought to their fellow man. This also does quite a number on traffic.

Our weary, downtrodden traveler finds himself in yet another one of the constant traffic jams that plagues this grand metropolis. Listening to the drone of the radio, wishing he was home just so he could stretch out and prepare for the onslaught of the next mundane workday, he spots a glint, or maybe a sparkle out of the corner of his eye. Suddenly, CRASH! A giant piece of road has found its way into the side of a tractor-trailer. “What the hell was that?” asks our driver. Not a moment passes when a man ensconced in spandex and donning a cape comes soaring through the air grasping a angry, but determined super scientist complete with robotic armor. They continued their heated battle raining bits of concrete and rebar throughout the heavily crowded highway. Finally, the villain was subdued and the hero received his adoration from the crowd below. The problem was the passageway to our now irritated traveler’s home was heavily blockaded. Defeated, he pulled the lever to his seat, turned the radio off, and shut his eyes, longing for the comforts of home.

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