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On Funniest Moments.

This topic is actually kind of hard. Not because there isn’t funny moments to remember, there are plenty. The problem is that it is the way that the brain works. It’s a branching system, at least for me. The memories have to be shook out, one topic leads to another and then another, and so forth. So, begrudgingly, for now I am left with the funniest moment in recent memory. Maybe it will even shake some funnier memories out as I go along.

The last time I can remember laughing so hard that I couldn’t breath (the best kind of laughing) would be when a group a group of friends and I were having a fancy party (everyone dresses in fancy clothes and eats fancy horsey dovures [Hors d’œuvres]). During this event a friend and I we were doing something not so befitting of citizens of the upper echelon of society (that’s a lot of of’s). We were parting in the not so ancient tradition of drinking Four Loko (before the energy was taken out). As the night got on, so did the drinking, and so to did the loss of control.

In improv, there is a game called 185. The object of such game is that you have a topic, say telephones. You are to step forward and say “185 telephones walk into a bar…” then say a cheesy or clever (almost never clever) punch line. Well, my friend was already pretty gone (to be honest so was I) and he starts talking about 185. He then proceeds to say the best 185 I have heard.

“185 shopkeepers walk into a shop.”

“Am I right?”

The sheer nonsense of the statements combined with my newly inebriated state lead to a great fit of laughter. This was repeated through my circle of friends for the next couple of days. Thus my funniest moment in recent memory. If it sounds not as funny to read, it’s probably not, but trust me. It was good.

I have a sound-byte of it recorded in my first “Week in Video” so see if you can spot it.

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