Personal Philosophy

Immaturity throughout the ages.

As I stumble through life I find myself wondering if people ever truly mature? I realize it more and more as I age. You think that instinctively that if a person is older that they should indeed be more mature, but this is not the case. I can say that when situations get tough I see more people regress to petty childishness than actually own up and try to fix the problem. It begs the question, how many people like that are there in high-powered positions? Government offices, or even something as important as the American presidency. I honestly think there is something like a light bulb that goes off or a switch that gets flipped for people to gain a sense of maturity, but sadly many people never have such a revelation and circuits are left wide open. Above all, it is insanely maddening. It makes me want to interact with people less and less as time goes on.

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