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Eternally Amazing.

I just got through watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind yet again. It’s one of those movies that I continually grab more out of the movie the more I watch it. First off if you haven’t seen it you owe it to yourself to go out right now, find it and watch it. Now. It just amazes me how much truth is in it. It really captures the whole love process and the feeling behind it and presents it in such an obscure yet quite charming way. After watching the movie you are just filled with such a sense of hope for the future. Hope for the past. It shows no matter how much something such as love can hurt you don’t want to forget. You can’t forget. For all the bad memories there is at least twice as many good. Personally, I don’t want to forget. There is a really wonderful quote from the movie poster of the Eternal Sunshine that really caught my eye. It reads:

“You can erase someone from your mind. Getting them out of your heart is another story.”

I think that that is pretty powerful and truthful.

Aside from the movie being good the soundtrack is awesome as well. So, why not just go pick up both? I promise you won’t be disappointed. Sorry this post doesn’t have much to do with anything in particular. I just am really impressed by this film. This makes it twice since I have blogged about it. I posted it on my Xanga a while back.

Here is my first post about it from October 8, 2004. Wow, that is so long ago.

“Its 3:15 am and I just got finished with eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. Best love story ever. It now ranks as one of my favorite movies. I highly recommend seeing it. Well that’s all I had to say. I’m off to dreamland.”

I had a lot of previous blogs. I’m going to see if I can’t dig any of this stuff up.

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