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This isn’t really going to be a huge update just to let you guys in on my life thus far. This week is pretty close to busiest week ever. It’s a week before break and every teacher is like, “Well, we should give all our exams fairly close together, that’s what the kids are into these days, sleep deprivation.” So, I have not been doing much besides studying and sleeping when I have the chance. After tomorrow I should be in the clear….around midnight. That’s OK though because then comes break. Ahh break. I also wanted to tell you that my friend Katie and I went through the rest of that real creepy path (see previous posts) and it was overall pretty creepy, surprisingly. At the end there was something else painted on the ground, it said “RUN” with an arrow pointed to where we came from. I’m really glad I went with someone because I would not want to read that walking alone at night. Overall, pretty uneventful. This weekend Purdue plays IU, here. I’m excited for that. Anytime I can see IU fail at something else, I am all up for it. I will update more probably Monday or Tuesday. Wednesday at the latest. Thanks to all the people who still check. Remember to keep commenting!

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