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A blog in 2022

Just updated the back end of this thing again. I don’t know exactly what it is about this site, but I do like writing even if it is infrequent. It helps me organize my thoughts and take stock of what has been happening. I usually do the majority of my writing at coffee shops, but since the pandemic, it’s been hard to get to places to sit and work. The blurring of lines of work and play has been really challenging.

That said, I am going to make a real effort to work this into my general taking stock of things, if only because it’s the thing that I’ve had the longest with regard to my digital footprint. I love the URL, I love the content even if it is so cringe. It’s just nice to know despite my world constantly changing, it’s still there.

I also have re-revived some old sites that have been hit with a nasty bit of malware that frankly was probably there for years at this point. I believe I cleared it out root-and-branch.


All operational all still around.

While still rambly, I’m glad I got something. I hope to complete some old blogs if only to shake the rust off these writing skills.

Fitness Running

Number 9

This past weekend I finished my 9th (closing in on those double digits!) marathon and first one in 2 years. Lemme tell you, it felt like my first one in 2 years. It was grueling and I’m still so glad I was able to manage it after the wreckage that has been this pandemic. Ever week that got closer I was racked with self-doubt if I was still trained up enough to run it. My time was not was what it was before, and I will happily accept that as I gain a footing again. Ready for more punishment in New York (NYC BABYEEE) in a few weeks.

Minneapolis remains one of my absolute favorite races and cities. Hands down the prettiest race I’ve done to date.

Activism Video

A thing I did

Hey, I haven’t been just ignoring this page, looking at the long list of things I have to do and not writing anything.

No, no. Perish the thought.

What I *have* been doing though is working on this presentation I gave to some people on behalf of Greater Lafayette Indivisible. I developed this first (and maybe not last) to give an intro to, but wide ranging, view of dis/misinformation, conspiracy theory, and media.

It was hard to chop it down to the length I did if only because each part feeds upon itself. It’s really hard to talk about any individual part of that and not talk about the systems which influence and govern its trajectory.

That’s all to say, it would be cool if you checked it out. I’m proud of what came of it, and I’m already thinking about how part two might look.