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Passion Part 1

Prompt: Write about something you are passionate about that people don’t know.

This is a tough one, I generally don’t shy away from my passions. You can just take a gander at my Instagram story to see all the way-too-technical that goes on there.

I mean honestly when something becomes an interest it usually doesn’t stay hidden, I want to share it like a little kid talking about Pokémon to their parents. A bit of a confusing metaphor. Let me break it down. The little kid was me, Pokémon was Pokémon, and the parents were my parents. So, a bit of a stretch, sure, but you get the point.

One issue I have, in general, and have been unable to square is that there is so much I find interesting. I constantly feel like I’m being pulled in ten different directions. I am interested in *all* of it, and I want to take the time to explore it all deeply. Therein lies the dispute. There is a finite amount of time in each day and saying I overcommit may be taking some liberty with the word.

I think I’ve mentioned this before on this cursed website, but If I haven’t let’s retread. When I was a kid, I loved one thing above everything else, and that was video games. From the first day I picked up an NES controller, I was hooked. Well, that was the second thing I loved, the first was oddly enough, vacuum cleaners. That’s a story for a different time. Anyway, one day my dad brought home his work laptop (one I currently own again, but I’m so easily sidetracked as it is) and offhandedly mentioned that my precious NES was also a computer. Now, I don’t know what I thought a video game console was, but I didn’t even consider it was just a specialized computer. Once I learned that, I was like, oh computers are the best things ever and I should dedicate the rest of my life to figuring them out. Here is the really nasty bit, too, you know all those little worksheets and stuff you did as a kid that was like “What do you want to be when you grow up?” (Pernicious capitalism!) Well, mine were all answered either computer engineer and/or computer programmer, and that’s what I am. I have the documents to prove it, too. My sister was the same way, too, but with becoming a veterinarian. What kind of freak kids just answer those things and do not deviate from them. Honestly and truly disgusting.

Computers have been the genesis of a lot of secondary and tertiary interests; sometimes in, offbeat ways. I always liked the idea of making movies. I don’t know exactly what spawned that beyond watching a lot of TV and movies as a kid. I have some great examples of this still saved, and If I ever devote the time and get over my perfectionism, I will show them off. However, I sort of abandoned really pursing it until one of my older cousins started playing around with video production and editing. He showed off a movie he made that was a loose retelling of some Christian stories with a Star Wars motif. Cringy, of course, but I remember with absolute clarity when he said he edited in all the special effects on his computer. I was just blown away. I knew you could smash together clips on a personal computer and what not, but not this sort of this, not without some seriously expensive equipment. He just had a normal PC equipped with a FireWire port and a DV camera. I probably was the absolute most annoying person to be around after that because I wanted to know like everything about how he did it. What program did you use? How did you make the light sabers? How did you get the video into the computer? Did you need a special card or processor?

He was, sadly, vague at best, and I was mad about it. I wanted to know how to do this. It was probably possible to find resources online at the time to figure it out, but speeds and technology were still too rudimentary to give a thorough lesson. That’s what I needed. So, I sat there for years. Trying and, for the most part, failing to piece together information on how to digitally edit videos. It wasn’t until I got to high school, and, oddly enough, Japanese class. We had a video project to enforce our Japanese grammar. Essentially, we had to make a video showcasing our new grammar skills in a skit like format. Well, we could at least have fun with it right? A detail that is important in this, too, was I was in the process of making new friends. You, see I went to Catholic school from K-8, and now I was at the big public high school. Half my class was at a whole different high school, and I was determined to meet some new people. I love making friends, as absolutely cheesy as that sounds. Anyway, these very cool new people I met were in Japanese class, and we had this video project. I wanted to impress, I needed to impress. I didn’t have a MiniDV camera or even a way to capture it, one of the people in our group however did, and he was going to let me borrow it. I had to go out and buy a FireWire card, and I still couldn’t get it working. I ended up buying a way to capture it using analog composite (the little yellow, red, white plugs). Still! I had it in my computer and a pirated copy of Adobe Premiere on my Pentium III. I sat there and figured out how to edit, just purely by making mistakes and trying all the tools. I barely got it finished. I was up all night, but I was *so* proud of that. I’m embedding it below just to show what I was working with.

Watch at your own peril

Check the date on that video. Real old people hours. It’s gotten copyright stricken so many times, so I have no idea if any of the audio is even there anymore. I did use a lot of copyrighted music to be fair. I miss the days you could do that before the corporations got involved.

I kept re-watching it and showing it to everyone I knew. Coincidentally, I was looking for a way to easily show this to people without having to carry around a VHS tape. A new website called YouTube was starting to get some traction, and so I made an account and uploaded my first video. This was the start of a yearly tradition. I craved these video projects. It was my favorite thing to do, fuck around with my friends and spend countless hours and sleepless nights deep in the timeline. Editing is and was meditative. A movie is not made on set, a movie is made in the edit. I kept improving my skills. Getting a truly digital setup and learning how to do tricks and techniques. If you can’t tell with me gushing about this, it’s one of the things I enjoy so incredibly much, and almost never get to do it. Most of my video production has switched to live streaming, which was a result of hosting more events, the pandemic, and trying to always produce more with less. My setup is a bit absurd. But it is not the same as editing. I still want and need to do more of it.

Obviously, I wrote a little too much on this, so a part 2 is incoming. I tried to tell you I have a lot of things I’m passionate about.

Activism Video

A thing I did

Hey, I haven’t been just ignoring this page, looking at the long list of things I have to do and not writing anything.

No, no. Perish the thought.

What I *have* been doing though is working on this presentation I gave to some people on behalf of Greater Lafayette Indivisible. I developed this first (and maybe not last) to give an intro to, but wide ranging, view of dis/misinformation, conspiracy theory, and media.

It was hard to chop it down to the length I did if only because each part feeds upon itself. It’s really hard to talk about any individual part of that and not talk about the systems which influence and govern its trajectory.

That’s all to say, it would be cool if you checked it out. I’m proud of what came of it, and I’m already thinking about how part two might look.

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What I have been up to (Julybruary 4tst edition)

Hello, from the hyper-time sphere, where time is both accelerating and standing still.

Last time I posted (besides the boring nerd server post) was in April, and let’s say things have still been happening. Lots of things are still happening.

So let’s get this train wreck-a-rollin’


But all the venues are closed (or were, and still should be), how can anyone be doing the righteous work of improv comedy? Well, go to the online, like everything else in your world. “But, Matt, wouldn’t it be worse?” Oh, sweet summer child, of course it’s worse, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it. And do it we have. We’ve has a few online shows, and they have been alright given the circumstances. It has, at the very least, allowed me to multitask on new levels. Managing downloading pictures to show, a live chat, music, sound effects, audio and visual cues, and also Im the occational prov. Well, it’s a lot.


You are not going to believe this, but activism stuff is still happening. I know, you’re like “Get right out of town, Matt.” First, no, I will not, and second, it’s true. Given the *gestures around to everything* there is still work that very needs to be done.

It seems like forever ago now, but I did host another candidate stream, found here:

That took a lot to put together, but I think it went smoother than the first. I’m the stream boy. I’m the one who streams. I should probably work on the naming a little.

We also got an opportunity to put together a short video to be played during the all digital Taste of Tippecanoe. I had four day to put it together, but I like how it turned out. I tried some editing techniques I’ve not done before. Editing video is so relaxing. Getting lost in the edit is like one of my favorite things ever. Pure zen.

Check that out here:

Tim and Matt Play

We are still going! A little more sporadic than we have been, and I’ve been dealing with just monumental tech issues for a solid month since updating to Windows 10 2004 (Beware!), but I’m hoping to get that figured out soon. It is only extremely frustrating. Come hang out with us Thursdays at 8:30-ish. We love interacting with friends in the chat.

Fighting Games

I don’t know exactly what sparked it, but I have been so into fighting games lately. Way more than I have in any other recent time. I haven’t had nearly enough time to play and practice them, but Street Fighter V, Killer Instinct, and Smash are pretty much all I play when I get a moment. Just caught the bug. I’m hoping to maybe get an actual solo game stream where I rotate stuff eventually, and they will definitely play a key role. If you ever want to play any of those, let me know.


I can’t get enough of it, and I want to do more. The NYC marathon got cancelled (this is a good thing!), but the initial email said I was guaranteed next year as a resolution. The follow-up turned out that that is not the case. You are guaranteed an entry next year or one of the next two following years. That sucks ass. Here’s to hoping. Since I think all major marathons will be cancelled this year, if they already haven’t, and I wouldn’t do one anyway all things considered, I am thinking of planning my own personal one to run sometime when the weather is far from rightful. Is it fall yet?

Honestly, I’ve been up to so much and without much of, if any, a break. I am kind of fraying at the edges, but I am going to try to keep it together as best as I can. I hope you are all healthy and keeping it together the best you can, too.