Fill The Lens Personal Video

Fill The Lens – Episode 1: The Beginning

I won’t write too much because this is supposed to be a video post. I love video and have been into ever since high school, but without a proper project I have’t edited anything in a very long while. I really like how this turned out and I hope you do too. I would love some feedback on this; if you loved it, hated it, caused you gastrointestinal problems, whatever I just want to hear what you think. Thanks for watching!


Projects School Video

Let’s try this again.

Ok, so not all my links, worked and it took up almost all of the screen last time I posted my movies. So, I am redoing this. I will repost the message from before and post the videos as links not embeds.

Previous message:

“I am excited because ever since I started editing movies I have wanted to put them online for everyone to laugh at and enjoy. Well finally I have them hosted on youtube. I have them all laid out pretty and in chronological order below, you can see how my skill progressed as well as my weight, haha. I hope you guys enjoy them. This was a big part of high school for me. I am glad I can share them with all for you guys. Please comment on this blog on your thoughts on the movies. Enjoy!”


Star Wars Japanese Project
Japanese Western
Blood the Movie
The Gauntlet
Betrayal and Revenge
Raptorite and the Search for Power
Art House Spoof