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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Hey, what’s up? Well, I revamped the site for all you 56k-ers (ew). So, if you’re looking for the Jake picture just follow the navigation links above like next day and previous day; all the other updates will be there. Well, today I bought The Simpsons 3rd season on DVD (OH YEAH!) and The Matrix Reloaded (many w00ts!). I can’t wait until next Tuesday. INDIANA JONES TRILOGY ON DVD!!! (I’m excited). Man, Harrison Ford rocks harder than the hardest ever. Also, I bought Viewtiful Joe for Gamecube. It’s a must buy for any Gamecube owner. It is filled with action and much awesome (Henshin a go-go, Baby!) Guess what else? I saw Kill Bill on Friday. I have to say, the 20 minute anime scene only added to the most rocking action movie in a long time. I CAN’T WAIT FOR PART 2! Also, speaking of movies, Square Enix is releasing a movie that tells what happens after Final Fantasy VII (a most excellent fantasy). It’s called Advent Children. I will include some rock awesome pics in the update. Well, it’s 12:49 AM and I’m tired, so, I’m going to bed. Check ya later.
sepCheck out Sephiroth (pissed)
cloudCloud with his hugeness of sword
awesomeAwesome, just awesome

Video Games

DDR and Halo

Yeah, so this week in my life. Um, I have been doing two things: Dance Dance like mad and Halo. Oh man, is Dance Dance fun. When I get good all the ladies will be like, “Matt you so sexy and your rhythm is only matched by your stunningly good looks”. Eh, probably not, but hey I will be able to Dance Dance anyone and beat them (except maybe Chelsea Gregory. She is one crazy Dance Dance revolution-er). OK, so Halo news, me, Justin, Shane, and Jake have been playing Halo. Yeah it’s so fun still even after like a year. I might put some pics up of a Halo LAN party or maybe some movies of a good match. Anyway, I have to make out Halo aliases known to all so they can fear them. Grrr.

They are as follows:

Matt “NinjaBoy” Gyure
Justin “CamelMania” LeVine
Jake “Boople” Bapple
Shane “GuyLeDouche” Housty
Eric “Default” Sieker
Luke “Boogey Man” Bapple
Nate “Finny” Finfrock
Eric “Hanus” Hanus
Yeah, so that’s the list off the top of my head. If I think of anymore I will add them.

DDR2Here is a picture of my awesome dance pad. I know it’s the most rad thing you have ever seen. You don’t have to tell me twice.
DDRLook at my dank TV set up for Dance Dance. I know the TV is like 100 years old, but hey it’s color and has kind of a sharp picture. Good TV.

Well that’s all for today.
Later duders and duderetts