I’m still alive!

I wonder if anyone even checks this thing anymore. Probably not. I thought being in college would have me posting on my blog more than ever, but it turns out that college is different than high school (who could of guessed?). I have been swamped in homework pretty much, but it looks as if it might start easing up. Why? I don’t really have any clue, but that mean more blogs for you guys (I really hope all of you haven’t lost faith in me). Tonight after I get back to the dorm I am gonna write until my hands are sore and my eyes are as red as the sun. So tomorrow there will be a good post. Promise for real this time. I will tell you what college has been like, classes, food….bathrooms. This is my formal apology to all my readers; I am sorry to have had you guys waiting so long. Hopefully, see some hits again. Now, back to homework. I am actually writing this from the library. So, until tomorrow.


Sorry it’s been like 200 years since my last post which was barely even a post itself. I have a lot to talk about this time so it should be a good one.

To start off. College. It’s finally here and if you know me it’s what I have been talking about non-stop for the past year plus. So far it’s been going really good. I like having freedom, but it’s a double edged sword. It seems like everyone down here party’s. I guess that’s not such a bad thing sometimes, but I fear that so many people are going to take their newfound independence and go wild. I have seen it happen so much and I know it will happen now; except I have to see it first hand. I hold the philosophy that anyone can do anything if they put their minds to it. So much waste. Well now that I have started off on a downer it’s time to pick it up a bit. The pros of college. I am extremely happy with the way my dorm room turned out and yes, I have pictures. My roommate and me have been pretty cool. It’s cool to have someone you know to room with. We are both kind of neat freaks so it’s nice to know the dorm will not become a sty. I really want classes to start. I kind of just want to learn. That probably makes me a huge nerd, but I like learning new things. If I don’t learn at least one new thing a day it feels like a waste. College life gets some getting used to. I miss things I thought I never would. It’s not what I expected I would be feeling at this time. I recommend college though. It’s awesome. I will be doing periodic updates about my changing views on college life. I know it will defiantly change. One day I am going to go around campus and take some photos to post up so look for them.

This happened a couple of weeks ago, but I felt I must post about it. So, Alex…did I ever mention Alex in my blog. Well, she is my girlfriend and she is great. We have been together 8 months and as far as I can tell are pretty happy together. She pretty much makes me happy. I know you shouldn’t rely on someone to make you happy, and I don’t she just increases my happiness. It’s like playing a video game on multi-player. It’s just better than playing alone. So anyway without getting off on too much of a tangent; she had to baby sit this little girl named Jill. Being the gentleman I am I offered to help her out. I headed over to Jill’s house and from there we went to go get lunch. We went to Culvers to eat. The funny thing was all the people gave us weird looks. Well you see the thing is we sort of looked like teen parents. It was weird being treated as such. They are looked down upon so much. We were either treated ridiculously nice or people would give us mean looks. It’s weird to see how judgmental people are. Definitely me included. I judge people all the time, but based on nothing, but having a small child with us we were obviously teen parents. When we went up to buy ice cream they packed the cup so full. They even put sprinkles on top for free even though it’s supposed to be a charge. We went to Chuck E. Cheese’s after that and let me tell you. Greatest invention for parents ever. You just take you kids shoes off and let them go nuts. Plus they had Mario Kart the arcade machine. I didn’t even know they made those in America. I was so excited when I saw that. I was probably more excited than the little kids. I played through and entire circuit and won first place all 4 times. I probably looked like an idiot with all the little kids playing games and me a supposed parent sitting there playing Mario Kart and loving every minute of it. I just wanted to let everyone know my day as a teen parent. It was definitely interesting to say the lease. I have some pictures of Mario Kart. They have a camera built into the machine to take your picture and they add designed to make you look like the character you picked. They are of Alex and I. They are a little low on quality because they were off a screen onto a camera phone, but you get the gist. Until next time, enjoy.

Me as Luigi

Alex as Peach

Already Thinking of College

Well, today was pretty uneventful. I am tired of the ho-hum. I just can’t wait until college. Finny and I are going to have the coolest dorm complete with Hulk Hogan poster on the back of the door. Pre-Cal sucks my left asshole. I really do not like it. Lowery is so old, too. Her lessons are so hard to pay attention to. Well, that’s my bitch-of-the-day. I don’t have much more to say. I just wanted to post a blog for some reason. Post sooner than later.