On Upcoming Content.

This isn’t going to be a long one, just an update to tell you what will be happening shortly. I am currently between computers, but when I get one that is half-way decent I will be able to really get going on this new content. I recently bought a new camera! My first new one in 7 years if you can believe that. It is the most budget, but it does do one thing well and that is video. Luckily, purposefully, that is why I bought it. I will be starting a new piece here on the blog called “A Week in Video” in which I will splice, edit, mash, and extrude any and all videos I find worthy that were taken during the week. It won’t be every week, but I am trying to make it a regular occurrence. I have enough footage for about 3 videos now, but the computer I’m on can’t handle all the H’s and D’s it was shot in so I will have to keep stockpiling it.

Second, there is a pretty neat concept in the works that I will be partaking in when everyone’s computer isn’t broken called “24-Hour Blog Day.” To my knowledge this started as a joke off of the 24-Hour Comic Book Day, but it has kind of manifested itself into something real. Basically it’s 24 blog posts written in 24-Hours with topics that are far-reaching, random, and most importantly, chosen by the participants. It should be a good time.

Just keep checking back; I still have loads to write about, and stay tuned for the new content. Killer Tofu is still finishing 2010 with a bang.

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