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Fill The Lens – Episode 7: Procrastinated Pell-Mell

Second Jurassic Park Show

Monticello Show

I hope you enjoy the new format. Sorry it took so long to make. It just kept getting away from me. I feel I was a bit lethargic in the voice over, but I think it was just due to my lack of experience talking in front of a camera. It will get better in time. I would love to hear what you guys think of the new way of doing these. Drop me a tweet, comment, email, or smoke signal. I want to hear it.

6 replies on “Fill The Lens – Episode 7: Procrastinated Pell-Mell”

Love the new format. I think future installments will be improved by not having such a huge backlog of crap to filter through. But the overall flow is much better.

I love the new format. I actually watched this at work and was cracking up-Mike’s reaction to your first paid Ad Liberation show, the reactions to the peppers….so funny I laughed out loud. Good work, friend! Miss you guys!

Nice work, sir. The new format and title seem to work very well for the content you are covering. Will you read us some poetry in the next one? Give us a character! PAV! PAV!

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