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First one!

While I finish writing up a couple longer form entries, let’s talk about what I am doing recently. I am attempting to step into a newish realm. Solo-streaming. I’ve had some fits and starts, but I think I have everything in place to make it happen this time.

In that effort, I’ve started all the subsequent channels and whatnot. I’ve done two(!) streams thus far with minimal technical issues (there will always be technical problems).

Firstly, go shoot me a follow at and sub to the new channel where I’ll post the VODs

I’m working on coming up with a schedule for streams that focus on three pillars that cover the parts of gaming I’m interested in. A day for newish games. This covers anything that’s been released in the past decade or so, but mostly newer stuff. A day to play fighting games. This past year or so I’ve delved deeper into the FGC and I just really enjoy playing them and highlighting cool stuff from the community. And finally my first love, retro games. My stream setup is basically devoted to making these look amazing on modern displays and captures. This will cover basically any old console, or PC (this might actually be the first retro play). Honestly, this could probably be the whole channel, but I rarely sit down and play through old titles. This is my chance.

So, with that tenative outline, check my social media stuff for when I am going to stream as I hammer out a more definite schedule. Tim and Matt Play is still going to be going on, so join us for that, too!

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