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I’m updating like everyday now. School kind of sucked today except for 7th period where Nate and I discovered a shirt that Arnold wore in Pumping Iron. It reads “Arnold is Numero Uno”. We are going to buy it and wear it everyday, forever. At about 8 o’clock I hung out with Angie which is always a treat (not sar-CASM). We kind of just drove around and stuff, but even that manages to be much fun. I’m not happy to announce I am no longer a pop culture virgin. Yesterday, I was on the phone with Angie and I went away for a second to write in my Xanga. To my and her surprise when I got back to the phone she was passed out with her lights off and she not remembering the past five minutes. There is only one explanation for this and it is that she was a victim (well, some would call it a victim. I would call it lucky) of a ninja attack. Well, I know this entry has been all over the map, but I like it like that.

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Yeah, so this is a total cop-out. Everyone and their brother uses Xanga, but it is way easier than coding and uploading an entire HTML page. I will add more later. I’m in English and I’m just doing this because I’m really board. There is this lady in the library where all she does is watch other people computers to see if they are not doing anything wrong. What a boring job. I would kill myself after like an hour of doing that. I’m listening to my iPod which is a godsend. I use that little thing so much. Well later, gator.