Pick it up, pick it up

Sure I could just share this on Twitter dot com. But, I own my own internet. A whole internet just sitting there waiting for the content.

This is a short one, just a shout out to some good stuff I listened to.

Whenever the weather gets warmer I get the urge to listen to Ska. It was like all I listened to when I started high school before I started listening to sad indie music. I still distinctly remember my MP3 CD player with a burned copy of a bunch of albums on it and The Specials rude boy logo (above) printed on it. Those made their way to my first iPod and my first job. Every 7-3 I’d work at the water park they’d let us listen to music while the park wasn’t open, which was at 10. So, for 3 hours, it was nothing, but skanking whilst cleaning bathrooms and pools.

This is a long way of saying, hey check out this band, they are awesome and I love it! I flew under my radar, so check it out.

Nonsense Personal

Skanking is the Only Way

Homecoming was awesome! I totally cut more than my share of rugs. Also, Adam Wragg and I at the end has this sweet skanking circle – it was rad. Aside from the awesome Saturday, I am now sick. 🙁 I’m not going to be a little pansy about it and not go to school. Well, I will probably think of something to say later today, but for now, later.